Emily Grimes

Emily Grimes

Pre School

Email: egrimes@ccsuvt.org
Phone: 802.857.7000 x.6541


The Westford Preschool program runs the length of the school year for children ages 3-5. This program fosters the natural learning sequences that children go through at this young age. At Westford preschool, children are able to explore using their senses to learn about their environment and how things change over time. Fine and gross motor skills are challenged with a variety of manipulatives and outdoor play. The students learn how to work together as well as treat others and the classroom with respect. Young minds are filled with new information about their world from books, visits to the community, and from each other!

Preschoolers learn how to sort various materials by certain attributes and characterisitcs.

Preschoolers “use symbols and forms of early writing to create more complex play,” quote from the Vermont Early Learning Standards. The importance of sensory play is fostered in our preschool through many hands on activities.

The “Get Set for School, Handwriting Without Tears program,” is implemented within the curriculum. This program teaches children about letter and number formation in a play based multi-sensory approach to learning.

Our students visit the library once a week.