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To leave a message for an employee first dial 802-857- and then the 4 digit extension listed next to their name.
If you wish to convey a message to a teacher during the school day, please call the school`s main number.

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School Administration
Photo of Marcie Photo of Marcie

Marcie Lewis

Marcie LewisPrincipalmlewis@ewsd.org7812
Administrative or Clerical Staff
Photo of Theresa Photo of Theresa

Theresa Martin

Theresa MartinAdministrative Assistanttmartin@ewsd.org7813
Classroom Teacher
Photo of Bethany Photo of Bethany

Bethany Duggan

Bethany DugganPreschool/EEE TeacherBduggan@ewsd.org7915
Photo of Jennifer Photo of Jennifer

Jennifer Ellis

Jennifer Ellis1/2 Classroom Teacherjellis@ewsd.org7022
Photo of Amanda Photo of Amanda

Amanda Feller

Amanda FellerArt Teacherafeller@ewsd.org7802
Photo of David Photo of David

David Goss

David Goss7/8 Humanitiesdgoss@ewsd.org7792
Photo of Callie Photo of Callie

Callie Goss

Callie Goss3/4 Classroom Teachercgoss@ewsd.org7819
Photo of Loretta Photo of Loretta

Loretta Grant

Loretta Grant5/6 Humanities lgrant@ewsd.org7797
Photo of Lee Photo of Lee

Lee Lichtenstein

Lee Lichtenstein7/8 Math & Sciencellichtenstein@ewsd.org7791
 Abigail Maxwell3/4 Classroom Teacher amaxwell@ewsd.org7819
Photo of Seth Photo of Seth

Seth McQuade

Seth McQuadePhysical Education Teachersmcquade@ewsd.org7808
Photo of Becky Photo of Becky

Becky Nowak

Becky NowakMusic Teacherrnowak@ewsd.org7801
Photo of Maddy Photo of Maddy

Maddy Posig

Maddy PosigFrench Teachermposig@ewsd.org7793
Photo of Jaclyn Photo of Jaclyn

Jaclyn Richardson

Jaclyn Richardson1/2 Classroom Teacherjrichardson@ewsd.org7833
Photo of Jill Photo of Jill

Jill Rochford

Jill Rochford 3/4 Classroom Teacherjrochford@ewsd.org7822
Photo of Kurt Photo of Kurt

Kurt Sherman

Kurt Sherman5/6 Math & Science ksherman@ewsd.org7796
Photo of Cassidy Photo of Cassidy

Cassidy Shumway

Cassidy ShumwayKindergartencshumway@ewsd.org7830
School Counseling
Photo of Stephanie Photo of Stephanie

Stephanie Jones

Stephanie JonesSchool Guidance Counselorsjones@ewsd.org7799
Library Media
Photo of Elizabeth Photo of Elizabeth

Elizabeth Shelley

Elizabeth ShelleyLibrary Media Specialisteshelley@ewsd.org7821
School Nurse
Photo of Deborah Photo of Deborah

Deborah Travis

Deborah TravisSchool Nursedtravis@ewsd.org7024
Technology Education
Athletics and Activites
Photo of Richard Photo of Richard

Richard Staab

Richard StaabAthletics Directorrstaab@ewsd.org7816
Student Support Services
Photo of Karen Photo of Karen

Karen Allard

Karen AllardLearning Specialistkallard@ewsd.org7950
Photo of Barbara Photo of Barbara

Barbara Barnier

Barbara BarnierSpecial Educatorbbarnier@ewsd.org7899
Photo of Christopher Photo of Christopher

Christopher CichoskiKelly

Christopher CichoskiKellyTechnology Education Instructorccichoskikelly@ewsd.org7066
Photo of Sally Photo of Sally

Sally Conant

Sally ConantSpecial Educator/SLPsconant@ewsd.org7795
Photo of Matthew Photo of Matthew

Matthew Kavanagh

Matthew KavanaghLearning Specialistmkavanagh@ewsd.org7794
Photo of Kasey Photo of Kasey

Kasey McCuin

Kasey McCuinSpecial Educatorkmccuin@ewsd.org7824
Photo of Mark Photo of Mark

Mark McLane

Mark McLaneSchool-Based Therapistmmclane@ewsd.org7244
Photo of Marissa Photo of Marissa

Marissa Monette

Marissa MonetteSocial Workermmonette@ewsd.org6604
Photo of Barbara Photo of Barbara

Barbara Chapin

Barbara ChapinMainstream Teaching Assistantbchapin@ewsd.org7912
Photo of Vanessa Photo of Vanessa

Vanessa Habedank

Vanessa HabedankSocial Support Coordinatorvhabedank@ewsd.org7826
Photo of Louise Photo of Louise

Louise Jensen

Louise JensenPara Professionalljensen@ewsd.org6602
Photo of Jodi Photo of Jodi

Jodi Parrott

Jodi ParrottMainstream Teaching Asstjparrott@ewsd.org6605
Photo of Kristy Photo of Kristy

Kristy Pigeon

Kristy PigeonMainstream Teaching Asstkpigeon@ewsd.org6611
Photo of Rosemary Photo of Rosemary

Rosemary Shea-Cobb

Rosemary Shea-CobbMainstream Teaching Asstrsheacobb@ewsd.org6603
Maintenance or Custodial Staff
Photo of Gerald Photo of Gerald

Gerald Shepard

Gerald ShepardMaintenance Directorgshepard@ewsd.org6607