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To leave a message for an employee first dial 802-857- and then the 4 digit extension listed next to their name.
If you wish to convey a message to a teacher during the school day, please call the school`s main number.

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School Administration
Photo of Katherine Photo of Katherine

Katherine Grykien

Katherine GrykienPrincipalkgrykien@ewsd.org7736
Administrative or Clerical Staff
Photo of Michelle Photo of Michelle

Michelle Murphy-Ertle

Michelle Murphy-ErtleSchool Secretarymmurphyertle@ewsd.org7757
Classroom Teacher
Photo of Kaylie Photo of Kaylie

Kaylie Bufano

Kaylie BufanoKindergarten Teacherkbufano@ewsd.org7741
Photo of Mary Beth Photo of Mary Beth

Mary Beth Funtow

Mary Beth FuntowElementary Teachermbfuntow@ewsd.org7754
Photo of Julie Photo of Julie

Julie Furniss

Julie Furniss3rd Grade Teacherjfurniss@ewsd.org7750
Photo of Cassandra Photo of Cassandra

Cassandra Gengras

Cassandra GengrasArt Teachercgengras@ewsd.org7765
Photo of Karen Photo of Karen

Karen Harvey

Karen HarveyGrade 2 Teacherkharvey@ewsd.org7732
Photo of Chrissy Photo of Chrissy

Chrissy Hultgren

Chrissy HultgrenElementary Teacherchultgren@ewsd.org7753
Photo of Kim Photo of Kim

Kim McVey

Kim McVeyGrade 1 Teacherkmcvey@ewsd.org7756
Photo of Marcy Photo of Marcy

Marcy Morgan

Marcy MorganGrade 1 Teachermmorgan@ewsd.org7731
Photo of Rachel Photo of Rachel

Rachel O`Donald

Rachel O`DonaldGrade 3 Teacherrodonald@ewsd.org7751
Photo of Jessica Photo of Jessica

Jessica Pepin

Jessica PepinGrade 1 Teacherjpepin@ewsd.org7733
Photo of Joel Photo of Joel

Joel Rasco

Joel RascoPhysical Education Teacherjrasco@ewsd.org7761
Photo of Laurie Photo of Laurie

Laurie Redel

Laurie RedelEssential Early Educationlredel@ewsd.org7746
Photo of Karen Photo of Karen

Karen Reed

Karen ReedMusic Teacherkreed@ewsd.org7764
Photo of Karen Photo of Karen

Karen Seaman

Karen SeamanKindergarten Teacherkseaman@ewsd.org7743
Photo of Chana Photo of Chana

Chana Sieffert

Chana SieffertGrade 3 Teachercsieffert@ewsd.org7752
Photo of Colleen Photo of Colleen

Colleen Stevens

Colleen StevensKindergarten Teachercstevens@ewsd.org7742
School Counseling
Photo of Scott Photo of Scott

Scott Evans

Scott EvansSchool Guidance Counselorsevans@ewsd.org7758
Library Media
 Pamela LamsonLibrary Media Assistantplamson@ewsd.org7735
Photo of Kathy Photo of Kathy

Kathy Lawrence

Kathy LawrenceLibrary Media Specialistklawrence@ewsd.org7734
School Nurse
Photo of Reyna Photo of Reyna

Reyna Maher

Reyna MaherSchool Nursermaher@ewsd.org7740
Student Support Services
Photo of Anne Photo of Anne

Anne Camisa

Anne CamisaReading Specialist / Title
Photo of Cynthia Photo of Cynthia

Cynthia Capossela

Cynthia CaposselaSpeech Language Pathologistccapossela@ewsd.org7771
Photo of Kristeen Photo of Kristeen

Kristeen Eliason

Kristeen EliasonSLPkeliason@ewsd.org7728
 Kenneth FontaineLunchroom/Playground Activity
Photo of Julie Photo of Julie

Julie Nielsen

Julie NielsenSocial Support Coordinatorjnielsen@ewsd.org7744
Photo of Jennifer Photo of Jennifer

Jennifer Ormerod

Jennifer OrmerodSpecial Educatorjormerod@ewsd.org7778
Photo of Jessica Photo of Jessica

Jessica Pileggi

Jessica PileggiSchool Services Clinicianjpileggi@ewsd.org7739
 Carla PintoEnglish Language Learner (ELL)
 Shanta RaithapaLunchroom/Playground Activity
Photo of Hector Photo of Hector

Hector Tamayo

Hector TamayoTechnology Education Instructorhtamayo@ewsd.org7849
Photo of Alice Photo of Alice

Alice Weston

Alice WestonSpecial Educatoraweston@ewsd.org7779
Photo of Dawn Photo of Dawn

Dawn Bates

Dawn BatesBCBA
Photo of Elyse Photo of Elyse

Elyse Boisvert

Elyse BoisvertMainstream Teaching
Photo of Kellie Photo of Kellie

Kellie Carpenter

Kellie CarpenterKindergarten
Photo of Nancy Photo of Nancy

Nancy Corbin

Nancy CorbinMainstream Teaching
Photo of Megumi Photo of Megumi

Megumi Esselstrom

Megumi EsselstromMainstream Instructional
Photo of Marcel Photo of Marcel

Marcel Etienne

Marcel EtienneMainstream Teaching
 Tracy FullerLunchroom/Playground Activity
Photo of Constance Photo of Constance

Constance Guyette

Constance GuyetteTitle I Literacy and Math Instructional
Photo of Florence Photo of Florence

Florence McCloud

Florence McCloudMainstream Teaching
Photo of Caitlin Photo of Caitlin

Caitlin Mundy

Photo of Regina Photo of Regina

Regina Norstrom

Regina NorstromRecess/Lunch