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To leave a message for an employee first dial 802-857- and then the 4 digit extension listed next to their name.
If you wish to convey a message to a teacher during the school day, please call the school`s main number.

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School Administration
Photo of Wendy Photo of Wendy

Wendy Cobb

Wendy CobbSchool Principalwcobb@ewsd.org6303
Administrative or Clerical Staff
Photo of Kim Photo of Kim

Kim Kedzierski

Kim KedzierskiRegistrarkkedzierski@ewsd.org6301
Photo of Jane Photo of Jane

Jane Olesen

Jane OlesenAdministrative Assistantjolesen@ewsd.org6300
Classroom Teacher
Photo of Erik Photo of Erik

Erik Acanfora

Erik AcanforaGrade 5 Teachereacanfora@ewsd.org6342
Photo of Emily Photo of Emily

Emily Bacon

Emily BaconGrade 3 Teacherebacon@ewsd.org6331
Photo of Megan Photo of Megan

Megan Beaucage

Megan BeaucageMusic Teachermbeaucage@ewsd.org6326
Photo of Eric Photo of Eric

Eric Bowker

Eric BowkerPE Teacherebowker@ewsd.org6323
Photo of Jennifer Photo of Jennifer

Jennifer Button

Jennifer ButtonGrade 3 Teacherjbutton@ewsd.org6329
Photo of Erica Photo of Erica

Erica DiVece

Erica DiVeceTeacher - Grade 5edivece@ewsd.org6347
Photo of Darlene Photo of Darlene

Darlene Ford

Darlene FordGrade 3 Teacherdford@ewsd.org6352
 Kerin GitlinArt Teacherkgitlin@ewsd.org6334
Photo of Kathryn  Photo of Kathryn

Kathryn Gray

Kathryn Gray5th Grade Teacherkgray@ewsd.org6336
Photo of Courtney Photo of Courtney

Courtney Hall

Courtney HallPE Teacherchall@ewsd.org4204
Photo of Chelsea Photo of Chelsea

Chelsea Henderson

Chelsea Henderson4th grade classroom teacherchenderson@ewsd.org6313
Photo of Sera Photo of Sera

Sera Hyjek

Sera HyjekGrade 5 Teachershyjek@ewsd.org6337
Photo of Karen Photo of Karen

Karen Jeffrey

Karen JeffreyGrade 4-5 Teacherkjeffrey@ewsd.org6339
Photo of Kayla Photo of Kayla

Kayla Johnson

Kayla JohnsonELL Teacherkjohnson@ewsd.org6341
Photo of Sarah Photo of Sarah

Sarah Kitchen

Sarah KitchenGrade 3 Teacherskitchen@ewsd.org6332
Photo of Kate Photo of Kate

Kate Koller

Kate KollerGrade 3 Teacherkkoller@ewsd.org6353
Photo of Kelsey Photo of Kelsey

Kelsey Mead

Kelsey MeadGrade 4-5 multiage teacherkmead@ewsd.org6346
Photo of Stacey Photo of Stacey

Stacey Mead

Stacey MeadMultiage 4-5 Teachersmead@ewsd.org6338
Photo of Paula Photo of Paula

Paula Palermo

Paula PalermoGrade 4 Teacherppalermo@ewsd.org6316
Photo of David Photo of David

David Powell

David PowellGrade 4 Teacherdpowell@ewsd.org6318
Photo of Melanie Photo of Melanie

Melanie Savio

Melanie Savio4th grade classroom teachermsavio@ewsd.org6315
Photo of Kristy Photo of Kristy

Kristy Stone

Kristy StoneGrade 3 Teacherkstone@ewsd.org6330
Photo of Tyson Photo of Tyson

Tyson Valyou

Tyson ValyouMusic Teachertvalyou@ewsd.org6327
Photo of Nicole Photo of Nicole

Nicole Walsh

Nicole WalshGrade 5 Teachernwalsh@ewsd.org6343
Photo of Joseph Photo of Joseph

Joseph White

Joseph WhiteGrade 4 Teacherjwhite@ewsd.org6317
School Counseling
Photo of David Photo of David

David Hoppe

David HoppeGuidance Counselordhoppe@ewsd.org6305
Photo of Katherine Photo of Katherine

Katherine Mayer

Katherine MayerSchool Counselorkmayer@ewsd.org6321
Library Media
Photo of Sara Photo of Sara

Sara Jablonski

Sara JablonskiLibrary Media Specialistsjablonski@ewsd.org6306
 Cristy MontyLearning Center (Library)
School Nurse
Photo of Diana Photo of Diana

Diana Smith

Diana SmithNursedsmith@ewsd.org6304
Student Support Services
Photo of Karen Photo of Karen

Karen Cole

Karen ColeLiteracy
Photo of Andrew Photo of Andrew

Andrew Dehond

Andrew DehondStudent Servicesadehond@ewsd.org6320
Photo of Andrea Photo of Andrea

Andrea Francalangia

Andrea FrancalangiaStudent Servicesafrancalangia@ewsd.org6309
Photo of Kristi Photo of Kristi

Kristi Goyette

Kristi GoyetteSpecial Educatorkgoyette@ewsd.org6366
Photo of Tami Photo of Tami

Tami Hugulet

Tami HuguletMath Intervention
Photo of April Photo of April

April Lambert

April LambertStudent Servicesalambert@ewsd.org6344
Photo of Courtney Photo of Courtney

Courtney Lanza

Courtney LanzaStudent Servicesclanza@ewsd.org6309
Photo of Jennie Photo of Jennie

Jennie Laplant

Jennie LaplantSchool Social Workerjlaplant@ewsd.org6363
Photo of Gina Photo of Gina

Gina Murakami

Gina MurakamiSpeech and Language Pathologistgmurakami@ewsd.org6333
Photo of Pamela Photo of Pamela

Pamela Neverett

Pamela NeverettStudent Services SLPpneverett@ewsd.org6333
Photo of Rachel Photo of Rachel

Rachel Rosenblum

Rachel RosenblumStudent Services ELLrrosenblum@ewsd.org6314
Photo of Kristen Photo of Kristen

Kristen Ryan

Kristen RyanStudent Serviceskryan@ewsd.org6362
Photo of Shelley Photo of Shelley

Shelley Smith

Shelley SmithStudent Servicesssmith1@ewsd.org6345
Photo of Colleen Photo of Colleen

Colleen Williams

Colleen WilliamsIntegration Specialistcwilliams@ewsd.org6359
Photo of Joseph Photo of Joseph

Joseph Arigo

Joseph ArigoStudent Management Specialistjarigo@ewsd.org6311
Photo of Dianne Photo of Dianne

Dianne Arthur

Dianne ArthurInstructional
Photo of Tanya Photo of Tanya

Tanya Carpenter

Tanya CarpenterInstructional
Photo of Diane Photo of Diane

Diane Cote

Diane CoteInstructional
Photo of Cynthia Photo of Cynthia

Cynthia Dowman

Cynthia DowmanInstructional
Photo of Kelly Photo of Kelly

Kelly Fisher

Kelly FisherInstructional
Photo of Philippe Photo of Philippe

Philippe Floyd

Philippe FloydBCBA
Photo of Sarah Photo of Sarah

Sarah Joly

Sarah JolyBCBA
Photo of Jeanne Photo of Jeanne

Jeanne Knowlton

Jeanne KnowltonMainstream Teaching
Photo of Lorie Photo of Lorie

Lorie Lambert

Lorie LambertInstructional
Photo of Claudine Photo of Claudine

Claudine Martin

Claudine MartinInstructional Assistant / Adaptive PEcmartin@ewsd.org6319
Photo of RoseMarie Photo of RoseMarie

RoseMarie McMahon

RoseMarie McMahonInstructional
Photo of Jessica Photo of Jessica

Jessica Moulton

Jessica MoultonInstructional
Photo of Amy Photo of Amy

Amy Otis-Lange

Amy Otis-LangeInstructional
Photo of Michael Photo of Michael

Michael Paul

Michael PaulBCBA
Photo of Linda Photo of Linda

Linda Potasiewicz

Linda PotasiewiczInstructional Assistant
Photo of Valerie Photo of Valerie

Valerie Sample

Valerie SampleInstructional
Photo of Tamara Photo of Tamara

Tamara Sasso

Tamara SassoInstructional
 Liga SpogeMainstream Teaching
Photo of Laura Photo of Laura

Laura Walker Sewell

Laura Walker SewellInstructional
Photo of Shannon Photo of Shannon

Shannon Yandow

Shannon YandowInstructional
Food Service
Photo of Dale Photo of Dale

Dale Trombley

Dale TrombleyHead Cookdtrombley@ewsd.org6324
Maintenance or Custodial Staff
Photo of Fay Photo of Fay

Fay Pelletier

Fay PelletierHead Custodianfpelletier@ewsd.org6308
Child Nutrition Services
Photo of Jody Photo of Jody

Jody Taylor

Jody TaylorChild Nutrition Assistantjtaylor@ewsd.org6307