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To leave a message for an employee first dial 802-857- and then the 4 digit extension listed next to their name.
If you wish to convey a message to a teacher during the school day, please call the school`s main number.

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School Administration
Photo of Daniel Photo of Daniel

Daniel Ryan

Daniel RyanPrincipaldryan@ewsd.org7706
Administrative or Clerical Staff
Photo of Jillian Photo of Jillian

Jillian Aldrich

Jillian AldrichAdministrative Assistantjialdrich@ewsd.org7705
Classroom Teacher
Photo of Asiat Photo of Asiat

Asiat Ali

Asiat AliMusic Teacheraali@ewsd.org7087
 Emily CoffrinArt Teacherecoffrin@ewsd.org7677
Photo of Melissa Photo of Melissa

Melissa Coviello

Melissa CovielloClassroom Teachermcoviello@ewsd.org7699
Photo of Amy Photo of Amy

Amy Downing

Amy DowningClassroom Teacheradowning@ewsd.org7725
Photo of Jeff Photo of Jeff

Jeff Guilmette

Jeff GuilmetteClassroom Teacherjguilmette@ewsd.org7726
Photo of Nichole Photo of Nichole

Nichole Guntulis

Nichole GuntulisClassroom Teachernguntulis@ewsd.org7715
Photo of Erin Photo of Erin

Erin Hopper

Erin HopperClassroom Teacherehopper@ewsd.org7702
Photo of Michael Photo of Michael

Michael Kenny

Michael KennyClassroom Teachermkenny@ewsd.org7722
Photo of Kate Photo of Kate

Kate Lee

Kate LeeClassroom Teacherklee@ewsd.org7716
Photo of Beth Photo of Beth

Beth Lemnah

Beth LemnahClassroom Teacherblemnah@ewsd.org7723
Photo of Magdalena Photo of Magdalena

Magdalena Lucia

Magdalena LuciaELL Teachermlucia@ewsd.org7720
Photo of Kelly Photo of Kelly

Kelly McClintock

Kelly McClintockPhysical Education Teacherkmcclintock@ewsd.org7714
Photo of Michael Photo of Michael

Michael Oquendo

Michael OquendoMusic Teachermoquendo@ewsd.org7691
Photo of Carmel Photo of Carmel

Carmel Osborne

Carmel OsborneGrade Four /FiveTeachercosborne@ewsd.org7724
Photo of Adam Photo of Adam

Adam Sawyer

Adam SawyerMusic Teacherasawyer@ewsd.org7855
Photo of Jennifer Photo of Jennifer

Jennifer Songer

Jennifer SongerClassroom Teacherjsonger@ewsd.org7703
Photo of Barbara Photo of Barbara

Barbara Walter-Auch

Barbara Walter-AuchClassroom Teacherbauch@ewsd.org7700
School Counseling
Photo of Amy Photo of Amy

Amy Bigelow

Amy BigelowSchool Guidance Counselorabigelow@ewsd.org7701
Library Media
Photo of Carrie Photo of Carrie

Carrie Speranza

Carrie SperanzaLibrary Media Specialistcsperanza1@ewsd.org7710
School Nurse
Photo of Cindy Photo of Cindy

Cindy Mongeon

Cindy MongeonSchool Nursecmongeon@ewsd.org7672
Photo of Kathleen Photo of Kathleen

Kathleen Ready

Kathleen ReadySchool Nurse Supervisorkready@ewsd.org7672
Student Support Services
Photo of David Photo of David

David Davidson

David DavidsonTechnology Education Instructorddavidson@ewsd.org7713
Photo of Stephanie Photo of Stephanie

Stephanie Fay

Stephanie FaySocial Support Coordinatorsfay1@ewsd.org7625
Photo of Suzanne Photo of Suzanne

Suzanne Fitzpatrick

Suzanne FitzpatrickSpeech Language Pathologistsfitzpatrick@ewsd.org7719
Photo of Emily Photo of Emily

Emily Jones

Emily JonesSocial Workerejones@ewsd.org7721
Photo of Nate Photo of Nate

Nate McHugh

Nate McHughLearning Specialistnmchugh@ewsd.org7695
Photo of Sacha Photo of Sacha

Sacha O`Connor

Sacha O`ConnorLearning Specialistsoconnor@ewsd.org7767
Photo of Jihyun Photo of Jihyun

Jihyun Sung

Jihyun SungLunchroom/Playground Activity
Photo of James Photo of James

James Van Duyn

James Van DuynLearning Specialist/Special Educatorjvanduyn@ewsd.org7717
Photo of Deborah Photo of Deborah

Deborah Barry

Photo of Karen Photo of Karen

Karen Bouffard

Karen BouffardPlayground
Photo of Molly Photo of Molly

Molly Farrar

Molly FarrarBCBA
Photo of Martha Photo of Martha

Martha Kenney

Martha KenneyMainstream Teaching
Photo of Mary Lou Photo of Mary Lou

Mary Lou Lord

Mary Lou LordMainstream Teaching Assistantmlord@ewsd.org7717
Photo of Dawn Photo of Dawn

Dawn Perrier

Dawn PerrierMainstream Teaching Assistantdaperrier@ewsd.org7717
Photo of JoAnne Photo of JoAnne

JoAnne Rice

JoAnne RiceMainstream Teaching
Photo of Kathryn Photo of Kathryn

Kathryn Stankiewicz

Kathryn StankiewiczSpecial Education Para
Photo of Reina Photo of Reina

Reina Warren

Reina WarrenTitle One Literacy
Photo of Glenn Photo of Glenn

Glenn Willette

Glenn WilletteTitle One Math&Literacy Interventionistgwillette@ewsd.org7718