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To leave a message for an employee first dial 802-857- and then the 4 digit extension listed next to their name.
If you wish to convey a message to a teacher during the school day, please call the school`s main number.

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School Administration
Photo of Kevin Photo of Kevin

Kevin Briggs

Kevin BriggsSchool Principalkbriggs@ewsd.org1502
Administrative or Clerical Staff
Photo of Andrea Photo of Andrea

Andrea Cote

Andrea CoteRegistraracote@ewsd.org1500
Photo of Christopher Photo of Christopher

Christopher Dumouchel

Christopher DumouchelDean of Studentscdumouchel@ewsd.org1503
Photo of Kimberley Photo of Kimberley

Kimberley Maiberger

Kimberley MaibergerAdministrative Assistantkmaiberger@ewsd.org1501
Classroom Teacher
Photo of Daniel Photo of Daniel

Daniel Airoldi

Daniel AiroldiDesign & Tech Ed Teacherdairoldi@ewsd.org1510
Photo of Michelle Photo of Michelle

Michelle Badji

Michelle BadjiArt Teachermbadji@ewsd.org1541
Photo of Sandra Photo of Sandra

Sandra Baker

Sandra BakerGrade 7/8 English Teachersbaker@ewsd.org1546
Photo of Lisa Photo of Lisa

Lisa Barry

Lisa BarryIExplorer Teacherlbarry@ewsd.org1535
Photo of Megan Photo of Megan

Megan Beaucage

Megan BeaucageChorus Teachermbeaucage@ewsd.org1520
Photo of Eric Photo of Eric

Eric Biederbeck

Eric BiederbeckGrade 6 Math Teacherebiederbeck@ewsd.org1558
Photo of Neal Photo of Neal

Neal Camp

Neal CampMusic Teacherncamp@ewsd.org1521
Photo of Heather Photo of Heather

Heather Dunn

Heather DunnGrade 6 Science Teacherhdunn@ewsd.org1577
Photo of Julie Photo of Julie

Julie Edwards

Julie EdwardsGrade 7/8 Math Teacherjedwards@ewsd.org1550
Photo of Kristen Photo of Kristen

Kristen Johnson

Kristen JohnsonGrade 6 Science Teacherkjohnson1@ewsd.org1557
Photo of Andrew Photo of Andrew

Andrew Kasprisin

Andrew KasprisinGrade 7/8 Science Teacherakasprisin@ewsd.org1563
 Elizabeth KieltyGrade 7/8 Math Teacherekielty@ewsd.org1551
Photo of Debra Photo of Debra

Debra Lafaille

Debra LafaillePE Teacherdlafaille@ewsd.org1539
Photo of Alison Photo of Alison

Alison Levy

Alison LevyGrade 6 English Teacheralevy@ewsd.org1559
Photo of Heather Photo of Heather

Heather Lockwood

Heather LockwoodFrench Teacherhlockwood@ewsd.org1540
Photo of David Photo of David

David Mendenhall

David MendenhallGrade 7/8 English Teacherdmendenhall@ewsd.org1570
Photo of Karen Photo of Karen

Karen Nee

Karen NeeGrade 7/8 Math Teacherknee@ewsd.org1547
 Emily PawlusiakGrade 7/8 English Teacherepawlusiak@ewsd.org1552
Photo of Danielle Photo of Danielle

Danielle Petralia

Danielle PetraliaAlgebra Teacherdpetralia@ewsd.org7843
Photo of Chris Photo of Chris

Chris Polakowski

Chris PolakowskiPE Teachercpolakowski@ewsd.org1537
Photo of Laura Photo of Laura

Laura Pratt

Laura PrattGrade 7/8 Science Teacherlpratt@ewsd.org1569
Photo of Jessica Photo of Jessica

Jessica Psaros

Jessica PsarosSpanish Teacherjpsaros@ewsd.org1525
Photo of Kathryn Photo of Kathryn

Kathryn Rose

Kathryn RoseGrade 6 English Teacherkrose@ewsd.org1556
Photo of Therese Photo of Therese

Therese Schroeder

Therese SchroederGrade 7/8 Science Teachertschroeder@ewsd.org1553
 Henry ShepleyGrade 7/8 Science Teacherhshepley@ewsd.org1548
 Elizabeth SkinnerOrchestra Teachereskinner@ewsd.org1520
Photo of Robert Photo of Robert

Robert Stone

Robert StoneBand Teacherbstone@ewsd.org1522
Photo of John Photo of John

John Synnott

John SynnottGrade 7/8 English Teacherjsynnott@ewsd.org1564
 Nora VarhueGrade 6 Math Teachernvarhue@ewsd.org1561
Photo of Philip Photo of Philip

Philip Young

Philip YoungGrade 7/8 Math Teacherpyoung@ewsd.org1568
School Counseling
Photo of Lindsay Photo of Lindsay

Lindsay Falby

Lindsay FalbyGuidance Counselerlfalby@ewsd.org1505
Photo of Jeffrey Photo of Jeffrey

Jeffrey Smith

Jeffrey SmithGuidance Counselorjsmith@ewsd.org1511
Library Media
Photo of Shirley Photo of Shirley

Shirley Brunet

Shirley BrunetInstructional Assistantsbrunet@ewsd.org1506
Photo of Kimberley Photo of Kimberley

Kimberley Musante

Kimberley MusanteLibrary Media Specialistkmusante@ewsd.org1543
School Nurse
 Sonya KennedyNurseskennedy@ewsd.org1504
Student Support Services
 Janet BattaileSpecial Educatorjbattaile@ewsd.org1565
Photo of Keith Photo of Keith

Keith Bouchard

Keith BouchardSpecial Educatorkbouchard@ewsd.org1555
Photo of Dana Photo of Dana

Dana Cummings

Dana CummingsMath Intervention Specialistdcummings@ewsd.org1526
Photo of Karen Photo of Karen

Karen Day

Karen DaySpecial Educatorkday@ewsd.org1545
Photo of Sara Photo of Sara

Sara Desilets

Sara DesiletsSpeech Language Pathologistsdesilets@ewsd.org1578
Photo of Samantha Photo of Samantha

Samantha Elinson

Samantha ElinsonSchool
Photo of Meghan Photo of Meghan

Meghan Fahey

Meghan FaheyELL Servicesmfahey@ewsd.org1532
Photo of Amanda Photo of Amanda

Amanda Lamb

Amanda LambSpeech Language Pathologistalamb@ewsd.org1544
Photo of Laurie Photo of Laurie

Laurie LaPlant

Laurie LaPlantReading Interventionistllaplant@ewsd.org1554
Photo of Greg Photo of Greg

Greg Mernick

Greg MernickSpecial Educatorgmernick@ewsd.org1562
Photo of Elizabeth Photo of Elizabeth

Elizabeth Ploof

Elizabeth PloofSpecial Educatoreploof@ewsd.org1528
Photo of Lynn Photo of Lynn

Lynn Zinger

Lynn ZingerSpecial Educatorlzinger@ewsd.org1560
 Nora ArondsInstructional
Photo of Diane Photo of Diane

Diane Bessette

Diane BessetteInstructional
Photo of Michelle Photo of Michelle

Michelle Brennen

Michelle BrennenInstructional
Photo of Christopher Photo of Christopher

Christopher Capossela

Christopher CaposselaInstructional
Photo of Brian Photo of Brian

Brian Conroy

Brian ConroyInstructional
Photo of Melissa Photo of Melissa

Melissa Gallup

Melissa GallupInstructional
Photo of Patricia Photo of Patricia

Patricia Giroux

Patricia GirouxInstructional
Photo of Cynthia Photo of Cynthia

Cynthia Hayden

Cynthia HaydenInstructional
 Cynthia HerlingInstructional
Photo of Evyl Photo of Evyl

Evyl Keough

Evyl KeoughInstructional
Photo of Andrew Photo of Andrew

Andrew Masenas

Andrew MasenasInstructional
Photo of Nancy Photo of Nancy

Nancy O`Keeffe

Nancy O`Keeffe Instructional
Photo of Natalie Photo of Natalie

Natalie Smith

Natalie SmithInstructional
Child Nutrition Services
Photo of France Photo of France

France Labrecque

France LabrecqueChild Nutrition Assistantflabrecque@ewsd.org1516