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To leave a message for an employee first dial 802-857- and then the 4 digit extension listed next to their name.
If you wish to convey a message to a teacher during the school day, please call the school`s main number.

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School Administration
Photo of Robert Photo of Robert

Robert Reardon

Robert ReardonPrincipalrreardon@ewsd.org7499
Photo of Mark Photo of Mark

Mark Floyd

Mark FloydDirector of School Counselingmfloyd@ewsd.org7111
Photo of Jefferson Photo of Jefferson

Jefferson Goodrich

Jefferson GoodrichAcademic Dean of Student Activities/Athletic Directorjgoodrich@ewsd.org7012
Photo of Dennis Photo of Dennis

Dennis Hill

Dennis HillAssistant Principaldhill@ewsd.org7496
Photo of Ben Photo of Ben

Ben Johnson

Ben JohnsonAssistant Principalbenjohnson@ewsd.org7501
Photo of Cathy Photo of Cathy

Cathy Quinn

Cathy QuinnDirector of Special Servicescquinn@ewsd.org7407
Photo of Louise Photo of Louise

Louise Strong

Louise StrongAssistant Principallstrong@ewsd.org7498
Administrative or Clerical Staff
Photo of Donna Photo of Donna

Donna Canty

Donna CantySupport Services - Admin Secretarydcanty@ewsd.org7453
Photo of Laura Photo of Laura

Laura Cunningham-Firkey

Laura Cunningham-FirkeyAdministrative Assistant lcunninghamfirkey@ewsd.org7486
Photo of Jeannine Photo of Jeannine

Jeannine Keegan

Jeannine KeeganAdministrative Secretaryjkeegan@ewsd.org7124
Photo of Hollee Photo of Hollee

Hollee Kennison

Hollee KennisonHigh School Registrarhkennison@ewsd.org7487
Photo of Santina Photo of Santina

Santina Leporati

Santina LeporatiCommunications Coordinator / Executive Assistantsleporati@ewsd.org7502
Photo of Lucille Photo of Lucille

Lucille McClure

Lucille McClureStaff Assistant/Attendance Clerklmcclure@ewsd.org7125
Photo of Dawn Photo of Dawn

Dawn Menard

Dawn MenardAdministrative Assistantdmenard@ewsd.org7126
Photo of Laurie Photo of Laurie

Laurie Wilcox

Laurie WilcoxAdministrative Assistantlwilcox@ewsd.orgx7455
Photo of Wendy Photo of Wendy

Wendy Wright

Wendy WrightStudent Database Manager wwright@ewsd.org7123
Photo of Jaime Photo of Jaime

Jaime Young

Jaime YoungStaff Assistant for Community Leadersjyoung@ewsd.org7615
Classroom Teacher
Photo of Deborah Photo of Deborah

Deborah Alden

Deborah AldenFrench Teacherdalden@ewsd.orgx7303
Photo of Asiat Photo of Asiat

Asiat Ali

Asiat AliOrchestra Directoraali@ewsd.org7087
Photo of Stacey Photo of Stacey

Stacey Anthony

Stacey AnthonyMath Teachersanthony@ewsd.org7422
Photo of Erin Photo of Erin

Erin Bessy

Erin BessyScience Teacherebessy@ewsd.org7094
Photo of Colleen Photo of Colleen

Colleen Birner

Colleen BirnerEHS Spanish Teachercbirner@ewsd.org7304
Photo of Julian Photo of Julian

Julian Bradshaw

Julian BradshawVisual Arts Teacherjbradshaw@ewsd.org7551
Photo of David Photo of David

David Brautigam

David BrautigamDriver Ed Teacherdbrautigam@ewsd.org7149
Photo of Ashley Photo of Ashley

Ashley Bry

Ashley BrySpanish Teacherabry@ewsd.org7306
Photo of Charlie Photo of Charlie

Charlie Burnett

Charlie BurnettSocial Studies Teachercburnett@ewsd.org7207
Photo of Owen Photo of Owen

Owen Charron

Owen CharronEnglish Teacherocharron@ewsd.org7155
Photo of Joseph Photo of Joseph

Joseph Chase

Joseph ChaseScience Teacherjchase@ewsd.org7189
Photo of Linda Photo of Linda

Linda Cloutier-Namdar

Linda Cloutier-NamdarEnglish Teacherlcloutiernamdar@ewsd.org7184
Photo of Jennifer Photo of Jennifer

Jennifer Corey

Jennifer CoreyBusiness Ed Teacherjcorey@ewsd.org7238
Photo of Dean Photo of Dean

Dean Corkum

Dean CorkumPhysical Ed Teacherdcorkum@ewsd.org7146
Photo of Tory Photo of Tory

Tory Couture

Tory CoutureScience Teachertcouture@ewsd.org7080
Photo of Emily Photo of Emily

Emily Danis

Emily DanisPhysical Ed Teacheredanis@ewsd.org7152
Photo of Meagan Photo of Meagan

Meagan Davidson

Meagan DavidsonSocial Studies Teachermdavidson@ewsd.org7204
Photo of Yukari Photo of Yukari

Yukari Dougherty

Yukari DoughertyJapanese Teacherymuramoto@ewsd.org7596
Photo of Benjamin Photo of Benjamin

Benjamin Drew

Benjamin DrewSocial Studies Teacherbdrew@ewsd.org7199
Photo of Molly Photo of Molly

Molly Edwards

Molly EdwardsSocial Studies Teachermedwards@ewsd.org7198
Photo of Tom Photo of Tom

Tom Emery

Tom EmeryAlternative Ed Teachertemery@ewsd.org7653
Photo of Kate Photo of Kate

Kate Farrell

Kate FarrellScience Teacherkfarrell@ewsd.org7086
Photo of John Photo of John

John Ferris

John FerrisEnglish Teacherjferris@ewsd.org7150
Photo of Heather Photo of Heather

Heather Finlayson

Heather FinlaysonBand Directorhfinlayson@ewsd.org7406
Photo of Arthur Photo of Arthur

Arthur Fowler

Arthur FowlerSocial Studies Teacherafowler@ewsd.org7195
Photo of Kathleen Photo of Kathleen

Kathleen Frisbie

Kathleen FrisbieEnglish Teacherkfrisbie@ewsd.org7183
Photo of Agnieszka Photo of Agnieszka

Agnieszka Gagne

Agnieszka GagneEnglish Teacheragagne@ewsd.org1152
Photo of Heather Photo of Heather

Heather Garrow

Heather GarrowEnglish Teacherhgarrow@ewsd.org7162
Photo of Tammy Photo of Tammy

Tammy Gilbert

Tammy GilbertMath Teachertgilbert@ewsd.org7218
Photo of Michael Photo of Michael

Michael Gilbert

Michael GilbertMath Teachermgilbert@ewsd.org7217
Photo of Pam Photo of Pam

Pam Hemingway

Pam HemingwayCoordinator of Career Development & Curriculumphemingway@ewsd.org7478
Photo of Laban Photo of Laban

Laban Hill

Laban HillEnglish Teacherlhill@ewsd.org7172
Photo of Kelly Photo of Kelly

Kelly Hill

Kelly HillScience Teacherkhill@ewsd.org7084
Photo of Bryan Photo of Bryan

Bryan Hirschman

Bryan HirschmanScience Teacherbhirschman@ewsd.org7095
Photo of Douglas Photo of Douglas

Douglas Horne

Douglas HorneTechnology Ed Teacherdhorne@ewsd.org7241
Photo of Barbara Photo of Barbara

Barbara Isham

Barbara IshamSocial Studies Teacherbisham@ewsd.org7193
Photo of Alexis Photo of Alexis

Alexis Koch

Alexis KochChoral Directorakoch@ewsd.org7088
Photo of Erin Photo of Erin

Erin Kranichfeld

Erin Kranichfeld English Teacherekranichfeld@ewsd.org7171
Photo of Mary Photo of Mary

Mary Krug

Mary KrugScience Teachermkrug@ewsd.org7096
Photo of Leo Photo of Leo

Leo LaBonte

Leo LaBonteHealth Teacherllabonte@ewsd.org7632
Photo of Joel Photo of Joel

Joel Lagrow

Joel LagrowScience Teacherjlagrow@ewsd.org7191
Photo of Eric Photo of Eric

Eric Langevin

Eric LangevinMath Teacherelangevin@ewsd.org7216
Photo of Kerry Photo of Kerry

Kerry LeClair

Kerry LeClairPhysical Ed Teacherkleclair@ewsd.org7148
Photo of Keri-Anne Photo of Keri-Anne

Keri-Anne Lesure

Keri-Anne LesureFine Arts Teacherklesure@ewsd.org7075
Photo of Jennifer Photo of Jennifer

Jennifer Letourneau

Jennifer LetourneauEnglish Teacherjletourneau@ewsd.org7157
Photo of Jennifer Photo of Jennifer

Jennifer Luck

Jennifer LuckSpanish Teacherjluck@ewsd.org7598
Photo of Marie Photo of Marie

Marie Mack

Marie MackFine Arts Teacfhermmack@ewsd.org7074
Photo of William Photo of William

William Mayville

William MayvilleDriver Ed Teacherwmayville@ewsd.org7151
 Lori McBridePhysical Education Teacherlmcbride@ewsd.org7153
Photo of Tom Photo of Tom

Tom McConnell

Tom McConnellMath Teachertmcconnell@ewsd.org7425
Photo of Kristin Photo of Kristin

Kristin McNamara

Kristin McNamaraMath Teacherkmcnamara@ewsd.org7220
Photo of Shanna Photo of Shanna

Shanna Moyer

Shanna MoyerScience Teachersmoyer@ewsd.org7091
Photo of James Photo of James

James Murphy

James MurphyEnglish Teacherjmurphy@ewsd.org7186
Photo of Adam Photo of Adam

Adam Murray

Adam MurrayEnglish Teacheramurray@ewsd.org7188
Photo of Justin Photo of Justin

Justin Norris

Justin NorrisMath Teacherjnorris@ewsd.org7425
Photo of Jake Photo of Jake

Jake Orr

Jake OrrMathematics Teacherjorr@ewsd.org7223
Photo of Beth Photo of Beth

Beth O`Connor

Beth O`ConnorSpanish Teacherhoconnor@ewsd.org7307
Photo of Grace Photo of Grace

Grace O`Neil

Grace O`NeilScience Teachergoneil@ewsd.org7083
 Art PellerinMath Teacherapellerin@ewsd.org7422
Photo of Mary Photo of Mary

Mary Perilli

Mary PerilliFamily Consumer Science and Internship Teachermperilli@ewsd.org7518
Photo of Amy Photo of Amy

Amy Phillippo

Amy PhillippoSocial Studies Teacheraphillippo@ewsd.org7197
Photo of Maddy Photo of Maddy

Maddy Posig

Maddy PosigFrench Teachermposig@ewsd.org7793
Photo of Jill Photo of Jill

Jill Prado

Jill PradoFrench/Spanish Teacherjprado@ewsd.org7599
Photo of Tom Photo of Tom

Tom Preska

Tom PreskaTechnology Education Teachertpreska@ewsd.org7243
Photo of Elizabeth Photo of Elizabeth

Elizabeth Ritchie

Elizabeth RitchieSocial Studies Teachereritchie@ewsd.org7205
Photo of David Photo of David

David Rome

David RomeMath Teacherdrome@ewsd.org7219
Photo of Timothy Photo of Timothy

Timothy Root

Timothy RootSocial Studiestroot@ewsd.org7208
Photo of Maria Photo of Maria

Maria Royer

Maria Royer Science Teachermroyer@ewsd.org7192
Photo of Alison Photo of Alison

Alison Ruggles

Alison RugglesAlternative Education Teacheraruggles@ewsd.org7178
Photo of Heather Photo of Heather

Heather Sawyer

Heather SawyerMath Teacherhsawyer@ewsd.org7424
Photo of Erin Photo of Erin

Erin Schmitt

Erin SchmittFine Arts & Yearbook Teachereschmitt@ewsd.org7076
Photo of Christine Photo of Christine

Christine Sealey

Christine SealeyELL Teachercsealey@ewsd.org7593
Photo of Julie Photo of Julie

Julie Shaw

Julie Shaw Family & Consumer Science Teacherjshaw@ewsd.org7232
Photo of Lea Ann Photo of Lea Ann

Lea Ann Smith

Lea Ann SmithMath Teacherlsmith@ewsd.org7213
Photo of Nancy Photo of Nancy

Nancy Smith

Nancy SmithScience Teachernsmith@ewsd.org7190
Photo of Jonathan Photo of Jonathan

Jonathan Stapleton

Jonathan StapletonScience Teacherjstapleton@ewsd.org7093
Photo of Deborah Photo of Deborah

Deborah Stark

Deborah StarkFrench Teacherdstark@ewsd.org7301
Photo of Kathrine Photo of Kathrine

Kathrine Sullivan

Kathrine SullivanEnglish Teacherksullivan@ewsd.org7156
Photo of Victor Photo of Victor

Victor Toman

Victor TomanTheater Arts Teachervtoman@ewsd.org7552
Photo of Sarah Photo of Sarah

Sarah Toof

Sarah ToofMath Teacherstoof@ewsd.org7221
Photo of Lindsay Photo of Lindsay

Lindsay Vanoli

Lindsay VanoliMath Teacherlvanoli@ewsd.org7225
Photo of Thomas Photo of Thomas

Thomas Varley

Thomas VarleyAlternative Ed Teachertvarley@ewsd.org7652
Photo of Amy Photo of Amy

Amy Vensel

Amy VenselScience Teacheravensel@ewsd.org7081
Photo of Miranda Photo of Miranda

Miranda Voegeli

Miranda VoegeliScience Teachermvoegeli@ewsd.org7085
Photo of Michael Photo of Michael

Michael Walogorsky

Michael WalogorskyScience Teachermwalogorsky@ewsd.org7082
Photo of Brian Photo of Brian

Brian Walsh

Brian WalshSocial Studies Teacherbwalsh@ewsd.org7200
Photo of Misuk Photo of Misuk

Misuk Weaver

Misuk WeaverArt Teachermweaver@ewsd.org7073
Photo of Adam Photo of Adam

Adam Weiss

Adam WeissScience Teacheraweiss@ewsd.org7092
Photo of Kaitlin Photo of Kaitlin

Kaitlin White

Kaitlin WhiteHealth Teacherkwhite@ewsd.org7143
Photo of Lisa Photo of Lisa

Lisa White

Lisa WhiteBusiness Ed Teacherlwhite@ewsd.org7237
Photo of Laura Photo of Laura

Laura Williams

Laura WilliamsSpanish Teacherlwilliams@ewsd.org7309
Photo of C.R. Photo of C.R.

C.R. Wood

C.R. WoodSocial Studies Teacherchwood@ewsd.org7194
School Counseling
Photo of Siobhan Photo of Siobhan

Siobhan Barber

Siobhan BarberSchool Counselorsbarber@ewsd.org7111
Photo of Nicole Photo of Nicole

Nicole Gillis

Nicole GillisSchool Counselorngillis@ewsd.org7111
Photo of Jonathan Photo of Jonathan

Jonathan Moore

Jonathan MooreSchool Counselorjmoore@ewsd.org7111
Photo of Maeve Photo of Maeve

Maeve Murphy

Maeve MurphySchool Counselormmurphy@ewsd.org7111
Photo of Andrew Photo of Andrew

Andrew Roy

Andrew RoySchool Counseloraroy@ewsd.org7111
Photo of Benjamin Photo of Benjamin

Benjamin Skoglund

Benjamin SkoglundSchool Counselorbskoglund@ewsd.org7111
Library Media
Photo of Martine Photo of Martine

Martine Larocque Gulick

Martine Larocque GulickLibrary Media Specialistmgulick@ewsd.org7471
Photo of Jesse Photo of Jesse

Jesse Keefe

Jesse KeefeA/V Specialistjkeefe@ewsd.org7170
Photo of Mae Photo of Mae

Mae Mayville

Mae MayvilleLibrary Administrative Assistantmmayville@ewsd.org7164
Photo of Smita Photo of Smita

Smita Narechania

Smita NarechaniaLibrary Media Assistantsnarechania@ewsd.org7480
Photo of Adam Photo of Adam

Adam Repash

Adam RepashLibrary Technical Assistant IIarepash@ewsd.org7166
Photo of Sarah Photo of Sarah

Sarah Shephard-Lupo

Sarah Shephard-LupoLibrary Technical Assistant IIsshephardlupo@ewsd.org7470
Photo of Nicole Photo of Nicole

Nicole Stevens

Nicole StevensLibrary Technical Assistant nistevens@ewsd.org7165
School Nurse
Photo of Marianna Photo of Marianna

Marianna Boivin

Marianna BoivinSchool Nursemboivin@ewsd.org7788
Photo of Karen Photo of Karen

Karen Harlow

Karen HarlowSchool Nursekharlow@ewsd.org7788
Photo of Diane Photo of Diane

Diane Kirson-Glitman

Diane Kirson-GlitmanSchool Nursedkirson@ewsd.org7788
Photo of Valerie Photo of Valerie

Valerie McNamara

Valerie McNamaraSchool Nursevmcnamara@ewsd.org7788
Athletics and Activites
Photo of Todd Photo of Todd

Todd Herrington

Todd HerringtonCoordinator of Student Activitiestherrington@ewsd.org7147
Photo of Aly Photo of Aly

Aly Perry

Aly PerryDrama Directoraperry@ewsd.org7071
 Seth RebeorAthletic Trainersrebeor@ewsd.org7248
Student Support Services
Photo of Paul Photo of Paul

Paul Adams

Paul AdamsSpecial Educator/Behavior Specialistpadams@ewsd.org7068
Photo of Francesca Photo of Francesca

Francesca Badillo

Francesca Badillo Speech Language Pathologistfbadillo@ewsd.org7606
Photo of Benjamin Photo of Benjamin

Benjamin Beatty-Owens

Benjamin Beatty-OwensEmployment Specialistbbeattyowens@ewsd.org7158
Photo of Mickey Photo of Mickey

Mickey Bonges

Mickey BongesSpecial Educatormbonges@ewsd.org7581
Photo of Philip Photo of Philip

Philip Bradley

Philip BradleySpecial Educatorpbradley@ewsd.org7106
Photo of Tom Photo of Tom

Tom Carlson

Tom CarlsonSpecial Educatortcarlson@ewsd.org7464
Photo of Sorel Photo of Sorel

Sorel Chaput

Sorel Chaput504 Coordinatorschaput@ewsd.org7440
Photo of Allison Photo of Allison

Allison Curran

Allison CurranSpecial Educator/Resource Roomacurran@ewsd.org7212
 Chelsea DaySchool Services Clinicianchday@ewsd.org7109
Photo of Katy Photo of Katy

Katy Farnham

Katy FarnhamSchool Services Clinician - Quest/RYSEkfarnham@ewsd.org7015
 Kate GarneauSchool Services Cliniciankgarneau@ewsd.org7108
 Kala GillimSchool Services Cliniciankgillim@ewsd.org7412
Photo of Mark Photo of Mark

Mark Ginsburg

Mark GinsburgSpecial Educatormginsburg@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Ashley Photo of Ashley

Ashley Hanlon

Ashley HanlonSpecial Educatorahanlon@ewsd.org7017
Photo of Lynne Photo of Lynne

Lynne Hefferon

Lynne HefferonLiteracy Specialist - Support Serviceslhefferon@ewsd.org7187
Photo of Ira Photo of Ira

Ira Isham

Ira IshamSpecial Educatoriisham@ewsd.org7211
Photo of Deborah Photo of Deborah

Deborah Kalkstein-Lamb

Deborah Kalkstein-LambSAP Counselor/Prevention Coordinatordkalksteinlamb@ewsd.org7444
 Kailey KilcoyneSchool Based Therapistkkilcoyne@ewsd.org7245
Photo of Lauren Photo of Lauren

Lauren Kirby

Lauren Kirby EST Coordinatorlkirby@ewsd.org7475
Photo of Oliver Photo of Oliver

Oliver Kranichfeld

Oliver KranichfeldSpecial Educatorokranichfeld@ewsd.org7209
Photo of Susan Photo of Susan

Susan Lang

Susan LangSpecial Educatorslang@ewsd.org7069
Photo of Cynthia Photo of Cynthia

Cynthia Leonard

Cynthia LeonardSLPcleonard@ewsd.org7466
Photo of Carrie Photo of Carrie

Carrie Malekoff (Fogg)

Carrie Malekoff (Fogg)Technology Education Specialistcmalekoff@ewsd.org7477
Photo of Andrea Photo of Andrea

Andrea Mattson

Andrea MattsonSchool Psychologistamattson@ewsd.org7445
Photo of Mark Photo of Mark

Mark McLane

Mark McLaneSchool-Based Therapistmmclane@ewsd.org7244
Photo of Kristen Photo of Kristen

Kristen Miglinas

Kristen MiglinasBoard Certified Behavior Analystkmiglinas1@ewsd.org7107
Photo of Shawn Photo of Shawn

Shawn Montague

Shawn MontagueSpecial Educatorsmontague@ewsd.org7594
Photo of Amy Photo of Amy

Amy Mulligan

Amy MulliganSpeech Language Pathologistamulligan@ewsd.org7411
 Gina MurakamiSpeech and Language Pathologistgmurakami@ewsd.org7067
Photo of Lori Photo of Lori

Lori Olsen

Lori OlsenSpecial Educatorlolsen@ewsd.org7161
Photo of Mary J. Photo of Mary J.

Mary J. Risi

Mary J. RisiSpecial Educatormrisi@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Maggie Photo of Maggie

Maggie Rocheleau

Maggie RocheleauSpecial Educatormrocheleau@ewsd.org7210
Photo of Suzanne Photo of Suzanne

Suzanne Scannell

Suzanne ScannellSpecial Educatorsscannell@ewsd.org7580
 Jennifer Sicard504
Photo of Dawn Photo of Dawn

Dawn Vining

Dawn ViningBehavior Specialistdvining@ewsd.org7016
Photo of Lindsey Photo of Lindsey

Lindsey Willis

Lindsey WillisSchool Services Clinicianlwillis@ewsd.org7465
Photo of Katherine Photo of Katherine

Katherine Andrade

Katherine AndradeSupport Services I/Akandrade@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Prem Photo of Prem

Prem Bhattarai

Prem BhattaraiMultilingual Liason/ELL Tutorpbhattarai@ewsd.org1217
Photo of Sherry Photo of Sherry

Sherry Bigalow

Sherry BigalowMainstream Teaching Assistantsbigalow@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Jackie Photo of Jackie

Jackie Boucher

Jackie BoucherInstructional Assistant -ACEjboucher@ewsd.org7776
Photo of Kass Photo of Kass

Kass Cahill

Kass CahillSupport Services I/Akcahill@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Paula Photo of Paula

Paula Caissy

Paula CaissyMainstream Teaching Assistantpcaissy@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Emily Photo of Emily

Emily Curtis

Emily CurtisBehavior Interventionist emcurtis@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Lorrie Photo of Lorrie

Lorrie Driscoll

Lorrie DriscollMainstream Teaching Assistantldriscoll@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Charlotte Photo of Charlotte

Charlotte Farrell

Charlotte FarrellBehavior Interventionistcfarrell@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Emily Photo of Emily

Emily Fixx

Emily FixxBehavior Interventionistefixx@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Pamela Photo of Pamela

Pamela Fulchino

Pamela FulchinoIndividual Assistantpfulchino@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Glen Photo of Glen

Glen Greenough

Glen GreenoughMainstream Teaching Assistantggreenough@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Emily Photo of Emily

Emily Guziak

Emily GuziakMainstream Teaching Assistanteguziak@ewsd.org7946
 Lindsay HaleyBehavior
Photo of Christopher Photo of Christopher

Christopher Halpin

Christopher HalpinMainstream Teaching Assistantchalpin@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Alan Photo of Alan

Alan Hefferon

Alan HefferonLearning Lab
Photo of Jean Photo of Jean

Jean Hess

Jean HessMainstream Teaching Assistantjhess@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Brianna Photo of Brianna

Brianna Hinchliffe

Brianna HinchliffeBehavior
Photo of Jean  Photo of Jean

Jean Isbell

Jean IsbellIndividual
Photo of Kristin Photo of Kristin

Kristin Kany

Kristin KanyJob Coachkkany@ewsd.org7159
Photo of Jason Photo of Jason

Jason Lee

Jason LeeBehavior Interventionistjalee@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Elizabeth Photo of Elizabeth

Elizabeth McGurk

Elizabeth McGurkMainstream Teaching
Photo of Kim Photo of Kim

Kim Melita

Kim MelitaMainstream Teaching Assistantkmelita@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Tina Photo of Tina

Tina Menke

Tina Menke Mainstream Teaching Assistanttmenke@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Heather Photo of Heather

Heather Moultroup

Heather Moultroup Mainstream Teaching Assthmoultroup@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Sadmira Photo of Sadmira

Sadmira Osmancevic

Sadmira Osmancevic Mainstream Teaching Assistantsosmancevic@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Farid  Photo of Farid

Farid Quraishi

Farid QuraishiBehavior
 Sean RiehlMainstream Teaching Assistantsriehl@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Marykate Photo of Marykate

Marykate Rowan

Marykate RowanMainstream Teaching Assistantmrowan@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Madeline Photo of Madeline

Madeline Russo

Madeline RussoBehavior
Photo of Lorinda Photo of Lorinda

Lorinda Sargent

Lorinda SargentIndividual Assistantlsargent@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Mary Jill Photo of Mary Jill

Mary Jill Shumway

Mary Jill ShumwayMainstream Teaching Assistantjshumway@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Joanne Photo of Joanne

Joanne St.John

Joanne St.JohnMainstream Teaching Assistantjstjohn@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Kamala Photo of Kamala

Kamala Symula

Kamala SymulaMainstream Teaching Assistantksymula@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Vickie Photo of Vickie

Vickie Toppings

Vickie ToppingsJob Coachvtoppings@ewsd.org7160
Photo of Sarah Photo of Sarah

Sarah Williams

Sarah WilliamsMainstream Teaching Assistantsawilliams@ewsd.org7946