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To leave a message for an employee first dial 802-857- and then the 4 digit extension listed next to their name.
If you wish to convey a message to a teacher during the school day, please call the school`s main number.

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School Administration
Photo of Robert Photo of Robert

Robert Reardon

Robert ReardonPrincipalrreardon@ewsd.org7499
Photo of Mark Photo of Mark

Mark Floyd

Mark FloydDirector of School Counselingmfloyd@ewsd.org7111
Photo of Jefferson Photo of Jefferson

Jefferson Goodrich

Jefferson GoodrichAcademic Dean of Student Activities/Athletic Directorjgoodrich@ewsd.org7012
Photo of Dennis Photo of Dennis

Dennis Hill

Dennis HillAssistant Principaldhill@ewsd.org7496
Photo of Ben Photo of Ben

Ben Johnson

Ben JohnsonAssistant Principalbenjohnson@ewsd.org7501
Photo of Cathy Photo of Cathy

Cathy Quinn

Cathy QuinnDirector of Special Servicescquinn@ewsd.org7407
Photo of Louise Photo of Louise

Louise Strong

Louise StrongAssistant Principallstrong@ewsd.org7498
Administrative or Clerical Staff
Photo of Donna Photo of Donna

Donna Canty

Donna CantySupport Services - Admin Secretarydcanty@ewsd.org7453
Photo of Laura Photo of Laura

Laura Cunningham-Firkey

Laura Cunningham-FirkeyAdministrative Assistant lcunninghamfirkey@ewsd.org7486
Photo of Jeannine Photo of Jeannine

Jeannine Keegan

Jeannine KeeganAdministrative Secretaryjkeegan@ewsd.org7124
Photo of Hollee Photo of Hollee

Hollee Kennison

Hollee KennisonHigh School Registrarhkennison@ewsd.org7487
Photo of Santina Photo of Santina

Santina Leporati

Santina LeporatiCommunications Coordinator / Executive Assistantsleporati@ewsd.org7502
Photo of Lucille Photo of Lucille

Lucille McClure

Lucille McClureStaff Assistant/Attendance Clerklmcclure@ewsd.org7125
Photo of Dawn Photo of Dawn

Dawn Menard

Dawn MenardAdministrative Assistantdmenard@ewsd.org7126
Photo of Laurie Photo of Laurie

Laurie Wilcox

Laurie WilcoxAdministrative Assistantlwilcox@ewsd.orgx7455
Photo of Wendy Photo of Wendy

Wendy Wright

Wendy WrightStudent Database Manager wwright@ewsd.org7123
Photo of Jaime Photo of Jaime

Jaime Young

Jaime YoungStaff Assistant for Community Leadersjyoung@ewsd.org7615
Classroom Teacher
Photo of Deborah Photo of Deborah

Deborah Alden

Deborah AldenFrench Teacherdalden@ewsd.orgx7303
Photo of Asiat Photo of Asiat

Asiat Ali

Asiat AliOrchestra Directoraali@ewsd.org7087
Photo of Stacey Photo of Stacey

Stacey Anthony

Stacey AnthonyMath Teachersanthony@ewsd.org7422
Photo of Erin Photo of Erin

Erin Bessy

Erin BessyScience Teacherebessy@ewsd.org7094
Photo of Colleen Photo of Colleen

Colleen Birner

Colleen BirnerEHS Spanish Teachercbirner@ewsd.org7304
Photo of Daniel Photo of Daniel

Daniel Boomhower

Daniel BoomhowerChoral Directordboomhower@ewsd.org7406
Photo of Julian Photo of Julian

Julian Bradshaw

Julian BradshawVisual Arts Teacherjbradshaw@ewsd.org7551
Photo of David Photo of David

David Brautigam

David BrautigamDriver Ed Teacherdbrautigam@ewsd.org7149
Photo of Ashley Photo of Ashley

Ashley Bry

Ashley BrySpanish Teacherabry@ewsd.org7306
Photo of Charlie Photo of Charlie

Charlie Burnett

Charlie BurnettSocial Studies Teachercburnett@ewsd.org7207
Photo of Owen Photo of Owen

Owen Charron

Owen CharronEnglish Teacherocharron@ewsd.org7155
Photo of Joseph Photo of Joseph

Joseph Chase

Joseph ChaseScience Teacherjchase@ewsd.org7189
Photo of Linda Photo of Linda

Linda Cloutier-Namdar

Linda Cloutier-NamdarEnglish Teacherlcloutiernamdar@ewsd.org7184
Photo of Jennifer Photo of Jennifer

Jennifer Corey

Jennifer CoreyBusiness Ed Teacherjcorey@ewsd.org7238
Photo of Dean Photo of Dean

Dean Corkum

Dean CorkumPhysical Ed Teacherdcorkum@ewsd.org7146
Photo of Tory Photo of Tory

Tory Couture

Tory CoutureScience Teachertcouture@ewsd.org7080
Photo of Emily Photo of Emily

Emily Danis

Emily DanisPhysical Ed Teacheredanis@ewsd.org7152
Photo of Meagan Photo of Meagan

Meagan Davidson

Meagan DavidsonSocial Studies Teachermdavidson@ewsd.org7204
Photo of Yukari Photo of Yukari

Yukari Dougherty

Yukari DoughertyJapanese Teacherymuramoto@ewsd.org7596
Photo of Benjamin Photo of Benjamin

Benjamin Drew

Benjamin DrewSocial Studies Teacherbdrew@ewsd.org7199
Photo of Molly Photo of Molly

Molly Edwards

Molly EdwardsSocial Studies Teachermedwards@ewsd.org7198
Photo of Tom Photo of Tom

Tom Emery

Tom EmeryAlternative Ed Teachertemery@ewsd.org7653
Photo of Kate Photo of Kate

Kate Farrell

Kate FarrellScience Teacherkfarrell@ewsd.org7086
Photo of John Photo of John

John Ferris

John FerrisEnglish Teacherjferris@ewsd.org7150
Photo of Heather Photo of Heather

Heather Finlayson

Heather FinlaysonBand Directorhfinlayson@ewsd.org7406
Photo of Arthur Photo of Arthur

Arthur Fowler

Arthur FowlerSocial Studies Teacherafowler@ewsd.org7195
Photo of Kathleen Photo of Kathleen

Kathleen Frisbie

Kathleen FrisbieEnglish Teacherkfrisbie@ewsd.org7183
Photo of Agnieszka Photo of Agnieszka

Agnieszka Gagne

Agnieszka GagneEnglish Teacheragagne@ewsd.org1152
Photo of Heather Photo of Heather

Heather Garrow

Heather GarrowEnglish Teacherhgarrow@ewsd.org7162
Photo of Tammy Photo of Tammy

Tammy Gilbert

Tammy GilbertMath Teachertgilbert@ewsd.org7218
Photo of Michael Photo of Michael

Michael Gilbert

Michael GilbertMath Teachermgilbert@ewsd.org7217
Photo of Reina Photo of Reina

Reina Guarnaccia

Reina GuarnacciaSpanish Teacherrguarnaccia@ewsd.org7304
Photo of Pam Photo of Pam

Pam Hemingway

Pam HemingwayCoordinator of Career Development & Curriculumphemingway@ewsd.org7478
Photo of Laban Photo of Laban

Laban Hill

Laban HillEnglish Teacherlhill@ewsd.org7172
Photo of Kelly Photo of Kelly

Kelly Hill

Kelly HillScience Teacherkhill@ewsd.org7084
Photo of Bryan Photo of Bryan

Bryan Hirschman

Bryan HirschmanScience Teacherbhirschman@ewsd.org7095
Photo of Douglas Photo of Douglas

Douglas Horne

Douglas HorneTechnology Ed Teacherdhorne@ewsd.org7241
Photo of Barbara Photo of Barbara

Barbara Isham

Barbara IshamSocial Studies Teacherbisham@ewsd.org7193
Photo of Alexis Photo of Alexis

Alexis Koch

Alexis KochMusic Teacherakoch@ewsd.org7406
Photo of Erin Photo of Erin

Erin Kranichfeld

Erin Kranichfeld English Teacherekranichfeld@ewsd.org7171
Photo of Mary Photo of Mary

Mary Krug

Mary KrugScience Teachermkrug@ewsd.org7096
Photo of Leo Photo of Leo

Leo LaBonte

Leo LaBonteHealth Teacherllabonte@ewsd.org7632
Photo of Joel Photo of Joel

Joel Lagrow

Joel LagrowScience Teacherjlagrow@ewsd.org7191
Photo of Eric Photo of Eric

Eric Langevin

Eric LangevinMath Teacherelangevin@ewsd.org7216
Photo of Kerry Photo of Kerry

Kerry LeClair

Kerry LeClairPhysical Ed Teacherkleclair@ewsd.org7148
Photo of Keri-Anne Photo of Keri-Anne

Keri-Anne Lesure

Keri-Anne LesureFine Arts Teacherklesure@ewsd.org7075
Photo of Jennifer Photo of Jennifer

Jennifer Letourneau

Jennifer LetourneauEnglish Teacherjletourneau@ewsd.org7157
Photo of Jennifer Photo of Jennifer

Jennifer Luck

Jennifer LuckSpanish Teacherjluck@ewsd.org7598
Photo of Marie Photo of Marie

Marie Mack

Marie MackFine Arts Teacfhermmack@ewsd.org7074
Photo of William Photo of William

William Mayville

William MayvilleDriver Ed Teacherwmayville@ewsd.org7151
 Lori McBridePhysical Education Teacherlmcbride@ewsd.org7153
Photo of Tom Photo of Tom

Tom McConnell

Tom McConnellMath Teachertmcconnell@ewsd.org7425
Photo of Kristin Photo of Kristin

Kristin McNamara

Kristin McNamaraMath Teacherkmcnamara@ewsd.org7220
Photo of Shanna Photo of Shanna

Shanna Moyer

Shanna MoyerScience Teachersmoyer@ewsd.org7091
Photo of James Photo of James

James Murphy

James MurphyEnglish Teacherjmurphy@ewsd.org7186
Photo of Adam Photo of Adam

Adam Murray

Adam MurrayEnglish Teacheramurray@ewsd.org7188
Photo of Justin Photo of Justin

Justin Norris

Justin NorrisMath Teacherjnorris@ewsd.org7425
Photo of Jake Photo of Jake

Jake Orr

Jake OrrMathematics Teacherjorr@ewsd.org7223
Photo of Beth Photo of Beth

Beth O`Connor

Beth O`ConnorSpanish Teacherhoconnor@ewsd.org7307
Photo of Grace Photo of Grace

Grace O`Neil

Grace O`NeilScience Teachergoneil@ewsd.org7083
Photo of William Photo of William

William O`Neil

William O`NeilEnglish Teacherwoneil@ewsd.org7185
 Art PellerinMath Teacherapellerin@ewsd.org7422
Photo of Mary Photo of Mary

Mary Perilli

Mary PerilliFamily Consumer Science and Internship Teachermperilli@ewsd.org7518
Photo of Amy Photo of Amy

Amy Phillippo

Amy PhillippoSocial Studies Teacheraphillippo@ewsd.org7197
Photo of Maddy Photo of Maddy

Maddy Posig

Maddy PosigFrench Teachermposig@ewsd.org7793
Photo of Jill Photo of Jill

Jill Prado

Jill PradoFrench/Spanish Teacherjprado@ewsd.org7599
Photo of Tom Photo of Tom

Tom Preska

Tom PreskaTechnology Education Teachertpreska@ewsd.org7243
Photo of Elizabeth Photo of Elizabeth

Elizabeth Ritchie

Elizabeth RitchieSocial Studies Teachereritchie@ewsd.org7205
Photo of David Photo of David

David Rome

David RomeMath Teacherdrome@ewsd.org7219
Photo of Timothy Photo of Timothy

Timothy Root

Timothy RootSocial Studiestroot@ewsd.org7208
Photo of Maria Photo of Maria

Maria Royer

Maria Royer Science Teachermroyer@ewsd.org7192
Photo of Alison Photo of Alison

Alison Ruggles

Alison RugglesAlternative Education Teacheraruggles@ewsd.org7178
Photo of Heather Photo of Heather

Heather Sawyer

Heather SawyerMath Teacherhsawyer@ewsd.org7424
Photo of Erin Photo of Erin

Erin Schmitt

Erin SchmittFine Arts & Yearbook Teachereschmitt@ewsd.org7076
Photo of Christine Photo of Christine

Christine Sealey

Christine SealeyELL Teachercsealey@ewsd.org7593
Photo of Renee Photo of Renee

Renee Seyller

Renee SeyllerFrench Teacherrseyller@ewsd.org7303
Photo of Julie Photo of Julie

Julie Shaw

Julie Shaw Family & Consumer Science Teacherjshaw@ewsd.org7232
Photo of Lea Ann Photo of Lea Ann

Lea Ann Smith

Lea Ann SmithMath Teacherlsmith@ewsd.org7213
Photo of Nancy Photo of Nancy

Nancy Smith

Nancy SmithScience Teachernsmith@ewsd.org7190
Photo of Jonathan Photo of Jonathan

Jonathan Stapleton

Jonathan StapletonScience Teacherjstapleton@ewsd.org7093
Photo of Deborah Photo of Deborah

Deborah Stark

Deborah StarkFrench Teacherdstark@ewsd.org7301
Photo of Kathrine Photo of Kathrine

Kathrine Sullivan

Kathrine SullivanEnglish Teacherksullivan@ewsd.org7156
Photo of Victor Photo of Victor

Victor Toman

Victor TomanTheater Arts Teachervtoman@ewsd.org7552
Photo of Sarah Photo of Sarah

Sarah Toof

Sarah ToofMath Teacherstoof@ewsd.org7221
Photo of Lindsay Photo of Lindsay

Lindsay Vanoli

Lindsay VanoliMath Teacherlvanoli@ewsd.org7225
Photo of Thomas Photo of Thomas

Thomas Varley

Thomas VarleyAlternative Ed Teachertvarley@ewsd.org7652
Photo of Amy Photo of Amy

Amy Vensel

Amy VenselScience Teacheravensel@ewsd.org7081
Photo of Miranda Photo of Miranda

Miranda Voegeli

Miranda VoegeliScience Teachermvoegeli@ewsd.org7085
Photo of Michael Photo of Michael

Michael Walogorsky

Michael WalogorskyScience Teachermwalogorsky@ewsd.org7082
Photo of Brian Photo of Brian

Brian Walsh

Brian WalshSocial Studies Teacherbwalsh@ewsd.org7200
Photo of Misuk Photo of Misuk

Misuk Weaver

Misuk WeaverArt Teachermweaver@ewsd.org7073
Photo of Adam Photo of Adam

Adam Weiss

Adam WeissScience Teacheraweiss@ewsd.org7092
Photo of Kaitlin Photo of Kaitlin

Kaitlin White

Kaitlin WhiteHealth Teacherkwhite@ewsd.org7143
Photo of Lisa Photo of Lisa

Lisa White

Lisa WhiteBusiness Ed Teacherlwhite@ewsd.org7237
Photo of Laura Photo of Laura

Laura Williams

Laura WilliamsSpanish Teacherlwilliams@ewsd.org7309
Photo of Sara Photo of Sara

Sara Wilson

Sara WilsonSocial Studies Teachersawilson@ewsd.org7257
Photo of C.R. Photo of C.R.

C.R. Wood

C.R. WoodSocial Studies Teacherchwood@ewsd.org7194
School Counseling
Photo of Siobhan Photo of Siobhan

Siobhan Barber

Siobhan BarberSchool Counselorsbarber@ewsd.org7111
Photo of Nicole Photo of Nicole

Nicole Gillis

Nicole GillisSchool Counselorngillis@ewsd.org7111
Photo of Jonathan Photo of Jonathan

Jonathan Moore

Jonathan MooreSchool Counselorjmoore@ewsd.org7111
Photo of Maeve Photo of Maeve

Maeve Murphy

Maeve MurphySchool Counselormmurphy@ewsd.org7111
Photo of Andrew Photo of Andrew

Andrew Roy

Andrew RoySchool Counseloraroy@ewsd.org7111
Photo of Benjamin Photo of Benjamin

Benjamin Skoglund

Benjamin SkoglundSchool Counselorbskoglund@ewsd.org7111
Library Media
Photo of Martine Photo of Martine

Martine Larocque Gulick

Martine Larocque GulickLibrary Media Specialistmgulick@ewsd.org7471
Photo of Jesse Photo of Jesse

Jesse Keefe

Jesse KeefeA/V Specialistjkeefe@ewsd.org7170
Photo of Mae Photo of Mae

Mae Mayville

Mae MayvilleLibrary Administrative Assistantmmayville@ewsd.org7164
Photo of Smita Photo of Smita

Smita Narechania

Smita NarechaniaLibrary Media Assistantsnarechania@ewsd.org7480
Photo of Adam Photo of Adam

Adam Repash

Adam RepashLibrary Technical Assistant IIarepash@ewsd.org7166
Photo of Sarah Photo of Sarah

Sarah Shephard-Lupo

Sarah Shephard-LupoLibrary Technical Assistant IIsshephardlupo@ewsd.org7470
Photo of Nicole Photo of Nicole

Nicole Stevens

Nicole StevensLibrary Technical Assistant nistevens@ewsd.org7165
School Nurse
Photo of Marianna Photo of Marianna

Marianna Boivin

Marianna BoivinSchool Nursemboivin@ewsd.org7788
Photo of Karen Photo of Karen

Karen Harlow

Karen HarlowSchool Nursekharlow@ewsd.org7788
Photo of Diane Photo of Diane

Diane Kirson-Glitman

Diane Kirson-GlitmanSchool Nursedkirson@ewsd.org7788
Photo of Valerie Photo of Valerie

Valerie McNamara

Valerie McNamaraSchool Nursevmcnamara@ewsd.org7788
Athletics and Activites
Photo of Todd Photo of Todd

Todd Herrington

Todd HerringtonCoordinator of Student Activitiestherrington@ewsd.org7147
Photo of Aly Photo of Aly

Aly Perry

Aly PerryDrama Directoraperry@ewsd.org7071
 Seth RebeorAthletic Trainersrebeor@ewsd.org7248
Student Support Services
Photo of Paul Photo of Paul

Paul Adams

Paul AdamsSpecial Educator/Behavior Specialistpadams@ewsd.org7068
Photo of Francesca Photo of Francesca

Francesca Badillo

Francesca Badillo Speech Language Pathologistfbadillo@ewsd.org7606
Photo of Benjamin Photo of Benjamin

Benjamin Beatty-Owens

Benjamin Beatty-OwensEmployment Specialistbbeattyowens@ewsd.org7158
Photo of Mickey Photo of Mickey

Mickey Bonges

Mickey BongesSpecial Educatormbonges@ewsd.org7581
Photo of Philip Photo of Philip

Philip Bradley

Philip BradleySpecial Educatorpbradley@ewsd.org7106
Photo of Tom Photo of Tom

Tom Carlson

Tom CarlsonSpecial Educatortcarlson@ewsd.org7464
Photo of Sorel Photo of Sorel

Sorel Chaput

Sorel Chaput504 Coordinatorschaput@ewsd.org7440
Photo of Allison Photo of Allison

Allison Curran

Allison CurranSpecial Educator/Resource Roomacurran@ewsd.org7212
 Chelsea DaySchool Services Clinicianchday@ewsd.org7109
Photo of Katy Photo of Katy

Katy Farnham

Katy FarnhamSchool Services Clinician - Quest/RYSEkfarnham@ewsd.org7015
 Kate GarneauSchool Services Cliniciankgarneau@ewsd.org7108
Photo of Mark Photo of Mark

Mark Ginsburg

Mark GinsburgSpecial Educatormginsburg@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Ashley Photo of Ashley

Ashley Hanlon

Ashley HanlonSpecial Educatorahanlon@ewsd.org7017
Photo of Lynne Photo of Lynne

Lynne Hefferon

Lynne HefferonLiteracy Specialist - Support Serviceslhefferon@ewsd.org7187
Photo of Ira Photo of Ira

Ira Isham

Ira IshamSpecial Educatoriisham@ewsd.org7211
Photo of Deborah Photo of Deborah

Deborah Kalkstein-Lamb

Deborah Kalkstein-LambSAP Counselor/Prevention Coordinatordkalksteinlamb@ewsd.org7444
 Kailey KilcoyneSchool Based Therapistkkilcoyne@ewsd.org7245
Photo of Lauren Photo of Lauren

Lauren Kirby

Lauren Kirby EST Coordinatorlkirby@ewsd.org7475
Photo of Oliver Photo of Oliver

Oliver Kranichfeld

Oliver KranichfeldSpecial Educatorokranichfeld@ewsd.org7209
Photo of Susan Photo of Susan

Susan Lang

Susan LangSpecial Educatorslang@ewsd.org7069
Photo of Cynthia Photo of Cynthia

Cynthia Leonard

Cynthia LeonardSLPcleonard@ewsd.org7466
Photo of Carrie Photo of Carrie

Carrie Malekoff (Fogg)

Carrie Malekoff (Fogg)Technology Education Specialistcmalekoff@ewsd.org7477
Photo of Andrea Photo of Andrea

Andrea Mattson

Andrea MattsonSchool Psychologistamattson@ewsd.org7445
Photo of Mark Photo of Mark

Mark McLane

Mark McLaneSchool-Based Therapistmmclane@ewsd.org7244
Photo of Mary Photo of Mary

Mary McQuiggan

Mary McQuigganSchool Services Clinicianmmcquiggan@ewsd.org7412
Photo of Kristen Photo of Kristen

Kristen Miglinas

Kristen MiglinasBoard Certified Behavior Analystkmiglinas1@ewsd.org7107
Photo of Shawn Photo of Shawn

Shawn Montague

Shawn MontagueSpecial Educatorsmontague@ewsd.org7594
Photo of Amy Photo of Amy

Amy Mulligan

Amy MulliganSpeech Language Pathologistamulligan@ewsd.org7411
 Gina MurakmiSpeech Language Pathologistgmurakmi@ewsd.org7067
Photo of Lori Photo of Lori

Lori Olsen

Lori OlsenSpecial Educatorlolsen@ewsd.org7161
Photo of Sean Photo of Sean

Sean Riehl

Sean RiehlMainstream Teaching
Photo of Mary J. Photo of Mary J.

Mary J. Risi

Mary J. RisiSpecial Educatormrisi@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Maggie Photo of Maggie

Maggie Rocheleau

Maggie RocheleauSpecial Educatormrocheleau@ewsd.org7210
Photo of Suzanne Photo of Suzanne

Suzanne Scannell

Suzanne ScannellSpecial Educatorsscannell@ewsd.org7580
Photo of Dawn Photo of Dawn

Dawn Vining

Dawn ViningBehavior Specialistdvining@ewsd.org7016
Photo of Lindsey Photo of Lindsey

Lindsey Willis

Lindsey WillisSchool Services Clinicianlwillis@ewsd.org7465
 Michael AbbottIndividual
Photo of Katherine Photo of Katherine

Katherine Andrade

Katherine AndradeSupport Services I/Akandrade@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Prem Photo of Prem

Prem Bhattarai

Prem BhattaraiMultilingual Liason/ELL Tutorpbhattarai@ewsd.org1217
Photo of Sherry Photo of Sherry

Sherry Bigalow

Sherry BigalowMainstream Teaching Assistantsbigalow@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Jackie Photo of Jackie

Jackie Boucher

Jackie BoucherInstructional Assistant -ACEjboucher@ewsd.org7776
Photo of Kass Photo of Kass

Kass Cahill

Kass CahillSupport Services I/Akcahill@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Paula Photo of Paula

Paula Caissy

Paula CaissyMainstream Teaching Assistantpcaissy@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Emily Photo of Emily

Emily Curtis

Emily CurtisMainstream Teaching Assistantemcurtis@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Lorrie Photo of Lorrie

Lorrie Driscoll

Lorrie DriscollMainstream Teaching Assistantldriscoll@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Charlotte Photo of Charlotte

Charlotte Farrell

Charlotte FarrellBehavior Interventionistcfarrell@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Emily Photo of Emily

Emily Fixx

Emily FixxBehavior Interventionistefixx@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Pamela Photo of Pamela

Pamela Fulchino

Pamela FulchinoIndividual Assistantpfulchino@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Glen Photo of Glen

Glen Greenough

Glen GreenoughMainstream Teaching Assistantggreenough@ewsd.org7946
Photo of James Photo of James

James Grossman

James GrossmanInterventionistjgrossman@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Emily Photo of Emily

Emily Guziak

Emily GuziakMainstream Teaching Assistanteguziak@ewsd.org7946
Photo of lhaley Photo of lhaley

Lhaley Haley

Lhaley HaleyBehavior
Photo of Christopher Photo of Christopher

Christopher Halpin

Christopher HalpinMainstream Teaching Assistantchalpin@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Alan Photo of Alan

Alan Hefferon

Alan HefferonLearning Lab
Photo of Jean Photo of Jean

Jean Hess

Jean HessMainstream Teaching Assistantjhess@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Brianna Photo of Brianna

Brianna Hinchliffe

Brianna HinchliffeBehavior
Photo of Tessa Photo of Tessa

Tessa Hunter

Tessa Hunter Specialty Paraeducatorthunter@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Jean  Photo of Jean

Jean Isbell

Jean IsbellIndividual
Photo of Kristin Photo of Kristin

Kristin Kany

Kristin KanyJob Coachkkany@ewsd.org7159
Photo of Jason Photo of Jason

Jason Lee

Jason LeeMainstream Teaching Assistantjalee@ewsd.org7946
 Lindsay LozellIndividual
Photo of Elizabeth Photo of Elizabeth

Elizabeth McGurk

Elizabeth McGurkMainstream Teaching
Photo of Kim Photo of Kim

Kim Melita

Kim MelitaMainstream Teaching Assistantkmelita@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Tina Photo of Tina

Tina Menke

Tina Menke Mainstream Teaching Assistanttmenke@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Heather Photo of Heather

Heather Moultroup

Heather Moultroup Mainstream Teaching Assthmoultroup@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Sadmira Photo of Sadmira

Sadmira Osmancevic

Sadmira Osmancevic Mainstream Teaching Assistantsosmancevic@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Farid  Photo of Farid

Farid Quraishi

Farid QuraishiBehavior
Photo of Marykate Photo of Marykate

Marykate Rowan

Marykate RowanMainstream Teaching Assistantmrowan@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Madeline Photo of Madeline

Madeline Russo

Madeline RussoBehavior
Photo of Lorinda Photo of Lorinda

Lorinda Sargent

Lorinda SargentIndividual Assistantlsargent@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Mary Jill Photo of Mary Jill

Mary Jill Shumway

Mary Jill ShumwayMainstream Teaching Assistantjshumway@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Joanne Photo of Joanne

Joanne St.John

Joanne St.JohnMainstream Teaching Assistantjstjohn@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Kamala Photo of Kamala

Kamala Symula

Kamala SymulaMainstream Teaching Assistantksymula@ewsd.org7946
Photo of Vickie Photo of Vickie

Vickie Toppings

Vickie ToppingsJob Coachvtoppings@ewsd.org7160
Photo of Sarah Photo of Sarah

Sarah Williams

Sarah WilliamsMainstream Teaching Assistantsawilliams@ewsd.org7946