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To leave a message for an employee first dial 802-857- and then the 4 digit extension listed next to their name.
If you wish to convey a message to a teacher during the school day, please call the school`s main number.

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School Administration
Photo of Peter Photo of Peter

Peter Farrell

Peter FarrellSchool Principalpfarrell@ewsd.org2102
Administrative or Clerical Staff
Photo of Niquette Photo of Niquette

Niquette Bergeron

Niquette BergeronRegistrarnbergeron@ewsd.org2101
Photo of Donna Photo of Donna

Donna Sturgess

Donna SturgessAdministrative Assistantdsturgess@ewsd.org2100
Classroom Teacher
Photo of Julia Photo of Julia

Julia Acanfora

Julia Acanfora Grade 1 Teacherjacanfora@ewsd.org2129
Photo of AnneMarie Photo of AnneMarie

AnneMarie Allardyce

AnneMarie AllardyceGrade 2 Teacheraallardyce@ewsd.org2111
Photo of Susan Photo of Susan

Susan Ayers

Susan AyersGrade 1 Teachersayers@ewsd.org2128
Photo of Lisa Photo of Lisa

Lisa Badore

Lisa BadoreGrade 2 Teacherlbadore@ewsd.org2118
Photo of Suzanne Photo of Suzanne

Suzanne Blain

Suzanne BlainArt Teacher sblain@ewsd.org2110
Photo of Sayde Photo of Sayde

Sayde Burke

Sayde BurkePreschool Teachersburke@ewsd.org2162
Photo of Sonia Photo of Sonia

Sonia Clark

Sonia ClarkKindergarten Teachersclark@ewsd.org2124
 Chelsea DayKindergarten Teachercday@ewsd.org2138
Photo of Carly Photo of Carly

Carly Epstein

Carly EpsteinGrade 2 Teachercepstein@ewsd.org2136
Photo of Emily Photo of Emily

Emily Grimes

Emily GrimesPreschool Teacheregrimes@ewsd.org2154
Photo of Gail Photo of Gail

Gail Heppner

Gail HeppnerGrade K Teachergheppner@ewsd.org2126
Photo of Amanda Photo of Amanda

Amanda Little

Amanda LittleKindergarten Teacheralittle@ewsd.org2152
Photo of Anna Photo of Anna

Anna Meehan

Anna MeehanGrade 2 Teacherameehan@ewsd.org2121
Photo of Heather Photo of Heather

Heather Nicasio

Heather NicasioMusic Teacherhnicasio@ewsd.org2142
Photo of Ellen Photo of Ellen

Ellen Pariseau

Ellen PariseauGrade 1 Teacherepariseau@ewsd.org2134
Photo of Peter Photo of Peter

Peter Picard

Peter PicardPE Teacherppicard@ewsd.org2147
Photo of Brooke Photo of Brooke

Brooke Robbins

Brooke RobbinsGrade 2 Teacherbrobbins@ewsd.org2120
Photo of Karen Photo of Karen

Karen Rotach

Karen RotachGrade 1 Teacherkrotach@ewsd.org2139
Photo of Jo-Ellen Photo of Jo-Ellen

Jo-Ellen Rowley

Jo-Ellen RowleyKindergarten Teacherjrowley@ewsd.org2137
Photo of Julia Photo of Julia

Julia Seligman

Julia SeligmanGrade 1 Teacherjseligman@ewsd.org2149
Photo of Mary Kate Photo of Mary Kate

Mary Kate Spillane

Mary Kate SpillaneGrade 1 Teachermspillane@ewsd.org2135
Photo of Elizabeth Photo of Elizabeth

Elizabeth Synnott

Elizabeth SynnottKindergarten Teacheresynnott@ewsd.org2125
Photo of Elizabeth Photo of Elizabeth

Elizabeth Thayer

Elizabeth ThayerKindergarten Teacherethayer@ewsd.org2127
Photo of Catherine Photo of Catherine

Catherine Tracy

Catherine TracyGrade 1 Teacherktracy@ewsd.org2130
Photo of June Photo of June

June Varricchione

June VarricchioneGrade 2 Teacherjvarricchione@ewsd.org2112
Photo of Amanda Photo of Amanda

Amanda Waldo

Amanda WaldoKindergarten Teacherawaldo@ewsd.org2119
Photo of Virginia Photo of Virginia

Virginia Yandell

Virginia YandellGrade 2 Teachervyandell@ewsd.org2113
School Counseling
 Breanne HeaslipSchool Counselorbheaslip@ewsd.org2105
 Kimberly HortonSchool Counselorkhorton@ewsd.org2105
Library Media
Photo of Carol Photo of Carol

Carol Scrimgeour

Carol ScrimgeourLibrary Media Specialistcscrimgeour@ewsd.org2140
School Nurse
Photo of Kimberly Photo of Kimberly

Kimberly Bullock

Kimberly BullockNursekbullock@ewsd.org2104
Student Support Services
Photo of Sarah Photo of Sarah

Sarah Buhl

Sarah BuhlSchool Counselorsbuhl@ewsd.org2132
Photo of Meghan Photo of Meghan

Meghan Fahey

Meghan FaheyELL Servicesmfahey@ewsd.org2115
Photo of Christina Photo of Christina

Christina Fortin

Christina FortinStudent Support Servicescfortin@ewsd.org2160
Photo of June Photo of June

June Golato

June GolatoStudent Services SLPjgolato@ewsd.org2148
Photo of Sheila Photo of Sheila

Sheila Hoffman

Sheila HoffmanSpeech-Lang Pathologistshoffman@ewsd.org2161
Photo of Elizabeth Photo of Elizabeth

Elizabeth Jordan-Shook

Elizabeth Jordan-ShookSpecial Educatorejordanshook@ewsd.org2145
Photo of Jennifer Photo of Jennifer

Jennifer King

Jennifer KingSpecial Educatorjking@ewsd.org2163
Photo of Christen Photo of Christen

Christen LaFountain

Christen LaFountainStudent Management Specialistclafountain@ewsd.org2157
 M. Suzanne MillerEarly Childhood Special Educatormmiller@ewsd.org2154
Photo of Erica Photo of Erica

Erica Moy

Erica MoyMath Specialistemoy@ewsd.org2151
Photo of Stuart Photo of Stuart

Stuart Podhaizer

Stuart PodhaizerStudent Services SLPspodhaizer@ewsd.org2103
Photo of Shannon Photo of Shannon

Shannon Redmond

Shannon RedmondStudent Servicessredmond@ewsd.org2141
 Katherine ReedLunch/recess
Photo of Gillian Photo of Gillian

Gillian Rohlin

Gillian RohlinStudent Services grohlin@ewsd.org2150
Photo of Jane Photo of Jane

Jane Vishnja

Jane VishnjaAutisim Specialist Teacherjvishnja@ewsd.org2109
 Marsha WickensStudent Services Teachermwickens@ewsd.org2114
Photo of Jennifer Photo of Jennifer

Jennifer Yucius

Jennifer YuciusSpecial Educatorjyucius@ewsd.org2153
Photo of Megan Photo of Megan

Megan Annis

Megan AnnisInstructional
Photo of Tesse Photo of Tesse

Tesse Barber

Tesse BarberBCBA
Photo of Jennifer Photo of Jennifer

Jennifer Borthwick-Leslie

Jennifer Borthwick-LeslieInstructional
Photo of Eva Photo of Eva

Eva Clough

Eva CloughInstructional
Photo of Melissa Photo of Melissa

Melissa Coggeshall

Melissa CoggeshallPara
Photo of Bonita Photo of Bonita

Bonita Doble

Bonita DobleInstructional Assistant
Photo of Theresa Photo of Theresa

Theresa Dwyer

Theresa DwyerBCBA
Photo of Gretchen Photo of Gretchen

Gretchen Fields

Gretchen FieldsInstructional
Photo of Janet Photo of Janet

Janet Fuller

Janet FullerInstructional
Photo of Laura Photo of Laura

Laura Green

Laura GreenInstructional
Photo of Pamela Photo of Pamela

Pamela Harnish

Pamela HarnishInstructional
Photo of Nancy Photo of Nancy

Nancy Kahn

 Asmat KhanLunch/Recess
 Mary LeonardRecess/Lunch
Photo of Katherine Photo of Katherine

Katherine Lyle

Katherine LyleHead Start Classroom
Photo of Sarah Photo of Sarah

Sarah MacDougall

Sarah MacDougallInstructional
Photo of Rhea Photo of Rhea

Rhea Manalac

Rhea ManalacInstructional
 Cecilia McHoseInstructional
Photo of Kelsey Photo of Kelsey

Kelsey Murtha

Kelsey MurthaBCBA
Photo of Pauline Photo of Pauline

Pauline Potvin

Pauline PotvinBCBA
Photo of Jennifer Photo of Jennifer

Jennifer Redmond

Jennifer RedmondInstructional
Photo of Mariette Photo of Mariette

Mariette Rice

Mariette RiceInstructional
Photo of Michelle Photo of Michelle

Michelle Rovnak

Michelle RovnakInstructional
Photo of Sierra Photo of Sierra

Sierra Smith

Sierra SmithInterventionist/EEE
Photo of Carol Photo of Carol

Carol Speranza

Carol SperanzaTechnology Paracsperanza@ewsd.org2159
Photo of Paulette Photo of Paulette

Paulette Thibault

Paulette ThibaultInstructional
Photo of Jennifer Photo of Jennifer

Jennifer Wagner

Jennifer WagnerLunch/Recess
Photo of Susan Photo of Susan

Susan Yandow

Susan YandowInstructional