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To leave a message for an employee first dial 802-857- and then the 4 digit extension listed next to their name.
If you wish to convey a message to a teacher during the school day, please call the school`s main number.

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School Administration
Photo of Robert Photo of Robert

Robert Travers

Robert Travers Principal/Directorbtravers@ewsd.org7532
Photo of Carolyn Photo of Carolyn

Carolyn Dickinson

Carolyn DickinsonAssistant Directorcdickinson@ewsd.org7534
Photo of Joseph Photo of Joseph

Joseph Teegarden

Joseph TeegardenSkillTech Directorjteegarden@ewsd.org7251
 Richard WrightAssistant Director/Adult Servicesrwright@ewsd.org7265
Administrative or Clerical Staff
Photo of Debbie Photo of Debbie

Debbie Curtis

Debbie CurtisAdministrative Assistant/Student Servicesdcurtis@ewsd.org7966
Photo of Joan Photo of Joan

Joan Irwin

Joan IrwinAdministrative Assistant/Main Officejirwin@ewsd.org7250
Photo of Pauline Photo of Pauline

Pauline Jutras

Pauline JutrasAdministrative Assistant/Attendancepjutras@ewsd.org7530
Photo of Laura Photo of Laura

Laura Seman

Laura SemanAccounting Specialistlseman@ewsd.org7541
Photo of Teresa Photo of Teresa

Teresa Sorrell

Teresa SorrellRegistrartsorrell@ewsd.org7533
 Linda WhitakerAdministrative Assistant/Skill Techlwhitaker@ewsd.org7942
Classroom Teacher
Photo of Tom Photo of Tom

Tom Bisson

Tom BissonEnglish Teachertbisson@ewsd.org7902
Photo of Barbara Photo of Barbara

Barbara Brody

Barbara BrodyDrivers Ed Teacherbbrody@ewsd.org7962
Photo of Marina Photo of Marina

Marina Brzostoski

Marina BrzostoskiELL Teachermbrzostoski@ewsd.org7261
Photo of Linda Photo of Linda

Linda Dulleba

Linda DullebaSocial Studies Teacherldulleba@ewsd.org7905
Photo of Joel Photo of Joel

Joel Hermansen

Joel HermansenMath Integration Specialistjhermansen@ewsd.org7961
Photo of Jennifer Photo of Jennifer

Jennifer Liguori

Jennifer LiguoriScience Teacherjliguori@ewsd.org7926
Photo of Todd Photo of Todd

Todd Mackenzie

Todd MackenzieMath Teachertmackenzie@ewsd.org7903
Photo of Shanna Photo of Shanna

Shanna Moyer

Shanna MoyerPhysics Teachersmoyer@ewsd.org7091
Photo of Emily Photo of Emily

Emily Quinn

Emily QuinnEnglish Teacherequinn@ewsd.org7179
Photo of Erin Photo of Erin

Erin Schmitt

Erin SchmittFine Arts Teachereschmitt@ewsd.org7076
Photo of Christina Photo of Christina

Christina Smith

Christina SmithEnglish Teacherchrsmith@ewsd.org7174
Photo of Sara Photo of Sara

Sara Wilson

Sara WilsonSocial Studies Teachersawilson@ewsd.org7257
 Cynthia YoppEnglish Teachercyopp@ewsd.org7290
Tech Center Teacher
Photo of John Photo of John

John Barton

John BartonProfessional Foodsjbarton@ewsd.org1713
Photo of Lissa Photo of Lissa

Lissa Bogner

Lissa BognerChild Care/Human Serviceslbogner@ewsd.org7459
Photo of Tracey Photo of Tracey

Tracey Brown

Tracey BrownDesign and Creative Mediatbrown@ewsd.org7222
Photo of Cari Photo of Cari

Cari Bruley Papp

Cari Bruley PappCooperative Career Educationcpapp@ewsd.org7268
Photo of David Photo of David

David Carter

David CarterPre-Tech dcarter@ewsd.org7258
Photo of Daniel Photo of Daniel

Daniel Clark

Daniel ClarkAutomotive Technologydclark@ewsd.org7255
Photo of Matt Photo of Matt

Matt Cronin

Matt CroninComputer Animation and Web Designmcronin@ewsd.org7457
Photo of Jim Photo of Jim

Jim Dirmaier

Jim DirmaierEngineering/Architectural Designjdirmaier@ewsd.org7537
Photo of John Photo of John

John Dowman

John DowmanProfessional Foodsjdowman@ewsd.org5595
Photo of Connie Photo of Connie

Connie Esmay

Connie EsmayChild Care/Human Servicescesmay@ewsd.org7459
Photo of Peter Photo of Peter

Peter Falby

Peter FalbyPre-Techpfalby@ewsd.org7233
Photo of David Photo of David

David Ginter

David GinterComputer Systems Technologydginter@ewsd.org7515
Photo of Mary Photo of Mary

Mary Habecker

Mary HabeckerCosmetology mhabecker@ewsd.org7272
Photo of Kimberly Photo of Kimberly

Kimberly Holmes

Kimberly HolmesDental Assistingkholmes@ewsd.org7926
Photo of Brian Photo of Brian

Brian Japp

Brian JappNatural Resources: Forestrybjapp@ewsd.org7945
Photo of Erin Photo of Erin

Erin Jarvis

Erin JarvisHealth Informatics Systemsejarvis@ewsd.org7900
Photo of Sarah Photo of Sarah

Sarah Knight

Sarah KnightCooperative Career Educationsknight@ewsd.org7269
Photo of Beth Photo of Beth

Beth Ladd

Beth LaddDental Assistingbladd@ewsd.org7926
Photo of Lori Photo of Lori

Lori Miller

Lori MillerPre-Techlmiller@ewsd.org7438
Photo of Lorand Photo of Lorand

Lorand Moore

Lorand MooreComputer Animation & Web Design (CAWD)lmoore@ewsd.org7456
Photo of James Photo of James

James Paterson

James PatersonCooperative Career Educationjpaterson@ewsd.org7914
Photo of Betty Photo of Betty

Betty Popple

Betty PoppleCosmetology bpopple@ewsd.org7272
Photo of Susan Photo of Susan

Susan Pratt

Susan PrattProfessional Foodsspratt@ewsd.org7566
Photo of Shawn Photo of Shawn

Shawn Rouleau

Shawn RouleauBuilding: Systemssrouleau@ewsd.org7611
Photo of Robert Photo of Robert

Robert Siddens

Robert SiddensNatural Resources: Mechanicalrsiddens@ewsd.org7608
Photo of Eileen Photo of Eileen

Eileen Sinopoli

Eileen SinopoliDesign and Creative Mediaesinopoli@ewsd.org7222
Photo of Gary Photo of Gary

Gary Swan

Gary SwanAutomotive Technologygswan@ewsd.org7256
Photo of Chris Photo of Chris

Chris Welch

Chris WelchBuilding Trades - Residentialcwelch@ewsd.org7610
Photo of Caty Photo of Caty

Caty Wolfe

Caty WolfePre-Techcwolfe@ewsd.org7230
Photo of Yvonne Photo of Yvonne

Yvonne Wolfer

Yvonne WolferCosmetologyywolfer@ewsd.org7454
Photo of Matthew Photo of Matthew

Matthew Zimmerman

Matthew ZimmermanProfessional Foods mzimmerman@ewsd.org5595
School Counseling
 Lindsay AckleySchool Counselorlackley@ewsd.org7031
Photo of Charles Photo of Charles

Charles Brady

Charles BradySchool Guidance Counselorcbrady@ewsd.org7531
Photo of Emmy Photo of Emmy

Emmy Charron

Emmy CharronSchool Guidance Counselorecharron@ewsd.org7249
Photo of Christine Photo of Christine

Christine Chase

Christine ChaseSchool Guidance Counselor cchase@ewsd.org7542
Student Support Services
Photo of Will Photo of Will

Will Bohmann

Will BohmannTechnology Education Instructorwbohmann@ewsd.org7262
Photo of William Photo of William

William Lance

William LanceSpecial Educatorblance@ewsd.org7247
Photo of Kate Photo of Kate

Kate McDonald

Kate McDonaldSpecial Educatorkmcdonald@ewsd.org7264
Photo of Norm Photo of Norm

Norm Poutre

Norm PoutreSpecial Educatornpoutre@ewsd.org7266
 Adam AdorisioInstructional Aide: Pre-Techaadorisio@ewsd.org7228
Photo of Matt Photo of Matt

Matt Bruneau

Matt BruneauLab Supervisor: Building Residentialmbruneau@ewsd.org7180
Photo of Dave Photo of Dave

Dave Cousino

Dave CousinoInstructional Aide: Natural ResourcesDcousino@ewsd.org7181
Photo of Tony (Russell) Photo of Tony (Russell)

Tony (Russell) Irwin

Tony (Russell) IrwinInstructional Aide: Student Services rirwin@ewsd.org7514
Photo of Elisabeth Photo of Elisabeth

Elisabeth Kirkpatrick

Elisabeth KirkpatrickInstructional Aide: Pre-Techekirkpatrick@ewsd.org7234
Photo of Carolyn Photo of Carolyn

Carolyn Krug

Carolyn KrugInstructional Aide: Pre-Techckrug@ewsd.org7259
Photo of Ernie Photo of Ernie

Ernie Larrabee

Ernie LarrabeeTA - Computer Systems Technologyelarrabee@ewsd.org7944
Photo of Katherine Photo of Katherine

Katherine Parks

Katherine ParksInstructional Aide: Dental Assistingkparks@ewsd.org7926
 Oscar SanchezInstructional Aide: Pre-Tech osanchez@ewsd.org7229
 Andrew ShatzerInstructional Aide: Natural Resourcesashatzer@ewsd.org7240
Photo of Deanna Photo of Deanna

Deanna Vaida

Deanna VaidaDesign and Creative Media Instructional Assistantdvaida@ewsd.org7222
Photo of Joni Photo of Joni

Joni Whitehouse

Joni WhitehouseLab Supervisor: Cosmetologyjwhitehouse@ewsd.org7454
 John WolfeLab Supervisor: Building Systemsjwolfe@ewsd.org7274