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To leave a message for an employee first dial 802-857- and then the 4 digit extension listed next to their name.
If you wish to convey a message to a teacher during the school day, please call the school`s main number.

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School Administration
Photo of Jennifer Photo of Jennifer

Jennifer Wood

Jennifer WoodPrincipaljwood@ewsd.org7028
Administrative or Clerical Staff
Photo of Amie Photo of Amie

Amie Conger

Amie CongerAssistant Principalaconger@ewsd.org7025
Photo of Victoria Photo of Victoria

Victoria Cooper

Victoria CooperRegistrarvcooper@ewsd.org7842
Photo of Barb Photo of Barb

Barb Edwards

Barb EdwardsStaff Assistantbedwards@ewsd.org7835
Classroom Teacher
Photo of Asiat Photo of Asiat

Asiat Ali

Asiat AliOrchestra Teacheraali@ewsd.org7087
Photo of Victoria Photo of Victoria

Victoria Anelli

Victoria AnelliSpanish Teachervanelli@ewsd.org7890
Photo of Melanie Photo of Melanie

Melanie Bilodeau-Meek

Melanie Bilodeau-MeekSocial Studies Teachermbilodeau@ewsd.org7869
Photo of William Photo of William

William Burrell

William BurrellMathematics/Science Teacherbburrell@ewsd.org7860
Photo of Jamie Photo of Jamie

Jamie Caron

Jamie CaronMath Teacherjcaron@ewsd.org7879
Photo of Debra Photo of Debra

Debra Cherson

Debra ChersonELL/ESL Teacherdcherson@ewsd.org7873
Photo of Andrew Photo of Andrew

Andrew Corran

Andrew CorranHumanities Teacheracorran@ewsd.org7889
Photo of Ryan Photo of Ryan

Ryan Dudley

Ryan DudleyMath and Science Teacherrdudley@ewsd.org7875
Photo of Amanda Photo of Amanda

Amanda Eldridge

Amanda EldridgeSocial Studies Teacheraeldridge@ewsd.org7886
Photo of Jody Photo of Jody

Jody Gendron

Jody GendronEnglish and Language Arts Teacherjgendron@ewsd.org7885
Photo of Peter Photo of Peter

Peter Gustafson

Peter GustafsonLanguage Arts/Social Studies Teacherpgustafson@ewsd.org7877
Photo of Steven Photo of Steven

Steven Hanson

Steven HansonEnglish and Language Arts Teachershanson@ewsd.org7871
Photo of Rachel Photo of Rachel

Rachel Harris

Rachel HarrisScience Teacherrharris@ewsd.org7878
Photo of Beth Photo of Beth

Beth Kinney

Beth KinneyLanguage Arts Teacher bkinney@ewsd.org7876
Photo of Caitlin Photo of Caitlin

Caitlin Kurnit

Caitlin KurnitScience Teacherckurnit@ewsd.org7883
Photo of Kathleen Photo of Kathleen

Kathleen Legg

Kathleen LeggSTEAM Teacherklegg@ewsd.org7852
Photo of Tina Photo of Tina

Tina Logan

Tina LoganVisual Arts Teachertlogan@ewsd.org7884
Photo of Lindsay Photo of Lindsay

Lindsay Naser (Citorik)

Lindsay Naser (Citorik)Math Teacherlnaser@ewsd.org7887
Photo of Brian Photo of Brian

Brian Neufeld

Brian NeufeldScience Teacherbneufeld@ewsd.org7881
Photo of Claudia Photo of Claudia

Claudia Pawlikowski

Claudia Pawlikowski Music Teachercpawlikowski@ewsd.org7853
Photo of Tyler Photo of Tyler

Tyler Peckham

Tyler PeckhamPhysical Educationtpeckham@ewsd.org7201
Photo of Adam Photo of Adam

Adam Sawyer

Adam SawyerBand Teacherasawyer@ewsd.org7855
 Carol SpradlingADL Musical
Photo of Ashley Photo of Ashley

Ashley Stebbins

Ashley StebbinsPhysical Education Teacherastebbins@ewsd.org7844
Photo of Melanie Photo of Melanie

Melanie Tupaj

Melanie TupajFrench and Spanish Teachermetupaj@ewsd.org7892
Photo of Janet Photo of Janet

Janet Watts

Janet WattsMath Teacherjwatts@ewsd.org7888
Photo of Toni Photo of Toni

Toni Zimmerman

Toni ZimmermanMath Teachertzimmerman@ewsd.org7872
School Counseling
Photo of Jessica Photo of Jessica

Jessica Librizzi

Jessica LibrizziSchool Guidance Counselorjlibrizzi@ewsd.org7841
Photo of Nicole Photo of Nicole

Nicole Williams

Nicole WilliamsSchool Guidance Counselornwilliams@ewsd.org7838
Library Media
Photo of Caitlin Photo of Caitlin

Caitlin Classen

Caitlin ClassenLibrary Media Specialistcclassen@ewsd.org7928
Photo of Janet Photo of Janet

Janet Wilson

Janet WilsonLibrary/Media Assistantjwilson@ewsd.org7857
School Nurse
Photo of Jenna Photo of Jenna

Jenna Dalla Mura

Jenna Dalla MuraSchool Nursejdallamura@ewsd.org7027
Athletics and Activites
Photo of Kevin Photo of Kevin

Kevin Barber

Kevin BarberAthletics Directorkbarber@ewsd.org7202
Student Support Services
Photo of Emily Photo of Emily

Emily Cooke

Emily CookeSpeech Language Pathologistecooke@ewsd.org7864
Photo of Lisa Photo of Lisa

Lisa Gunderson

Lisa GundersonSpecial Educatorlgunderson@ewsd.org7829
Photo of Donna Photo of Donna

Donna Heath

Donna HeathSpecial Educatordheath@ewsd.org7866
Photo of Rachel Photo of Rachel

Rachel Kahn

Rachel KahnTitle I Literacy Specialistrkahn@ewsd.org7863
Photo of Mark Photo of Mark

Mark McLane

Mark McLaneSocial Workermmclane@ewsd.org7244
Photo of Catherine Photo of Catherine

Catherine Parlante

Catherine ParlanteSpecial Educatorcparlante@ewsd.org7898
Photo of Lisa Photo of Lisa

Lisa Rounds

Lisa RoundsSocial Workerlrounds@ewsd.org7840
Photo of Alda Photo of Alda

Alda Sauer-Norcross

Alda Sauer-NorcrossSpecial Educatoranorcross@ewsd.org7868
Photo of Molly Photo of Molly

Molly Snow

Molly SnowMath Specialistmsnow@ewsd.org7874
Photo of Hector Photo of Hector

Hector Tamayo

Hector TamayoTechnology Education Instructorhtamayo@ewsd.org7849
Photo of Heather Photo of Heather

Heather Twerdahl

Heather TwerdahlSpecial Educatorhtwerdahl@ewsd.org7891
Photo of Sathya Photo of Sathya

Sathya Amouretti

Sathya AmourettiMainstream Teaching Assistantsaamouretti@ewsd.org1388
Photo of Kera Photo of Kera

Kera Breen

Kera BreenBCBA Interventionistkbreen@ewsd.org1388
Photo of Caitlin Photo of Caitlin

Caitlin Corey

Caitlin CoreyMainstream Teaching Assistantccorey@ewsd.org1388
Photo of Laurie Photo of Laurie

Laurie Debree

Laurie DebreeBCBA Interventionistldebree@ewsd.org1388
Photo of Serena Photo of Serena

Serena Goldberg

Serena GoldbergIndividual Assistantsgoldberg@ewsd.org1388
Photo of Lisa Photo of Lisa

Lisa Haggarty

Lisa HaggartyMainstream Teaching Asstlhaggarty@ewsd.org1388
Photo of Christina  Photo of Christina

Christina Iavarone

Christina Iavarone BCBA Interventionisttiavarone@ewsd.org1388
Photo of Christian Photo of Christian

Christian Kruse

Christian KruseIndividual Assistantckruse@ewsd.org1388
Photo of Tori Photo of Tori

Tori Lamson

Tori LamsonMainstream Teaching Assistanttlamson@ewsd.org1388
Photo of Kathleen Photo of Kathleen

Kathleen Laverty

Kathleen LavertyMainstream Teaching Asstklaverty@ewsd.org1388
 Breannon MeuseBCBA
Photo of Heather Photo of Heather

Heather Moody

Heather MoodyBCBA Interventionisthmoody@ewsd.org1388
Photo of Michelle Photo of Michelle

Michelle Puleo

Michelle PuleoIndividual Assistantmipuleo@ewsd.org1388
Photo of Emily Photo of Emily

Emily Tobi

Emily TobiBCBA Interventionistetobi@ewsd.org1388
Photo of Carol Photo of Carol

Carol Weed

Carol WeedMainstream Teaching Asstcweed@ewsd.org1388
Photo of Sharon Photo of Sharon

Sharon Wimette

Sharon WimetteMainstream Teaching Asstswimette@ewsd.org1388
Photo of Brian Photo of Brian

Brian Yarwood

Brian YarwoodIndividual Teaching Assistantbyarwood@ewsd.org1388
Maintenance or Custodial Staff
Photo of Vicky Photo of Vicky

Vicky Hall

Vicky HallNight Custodianvhall@ewsd.org7026
Photo of David Photo of David

David Mitchell

David MitchellHead Custodiandmitchell@ewsd.org7026
Property Services
Photo of Gus Photo of Gus

Gus Charbonneau

Gus CharbonneauCustodiangcharbonneau1@ewsd.org7026
Photo of Maureen Photo of Maureen

Maureen Cook

Maureen CookNight Custodianmacook@ewsd.org7026