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The Accelerated LNA Training Program prepares adult students to pass the state exam required to obtain a license as a nursing assistant. The course focuses on the essentials for a nursing assistant`s safe and effective practices for care in a health care setting. Students will learn the basics of assisting patients, body mechanics, ethics and communication. Clinicals are held at Green Mountain Nursing Home. Because the Accelerated LNA Training Program is taught at a rapid pace, all applicants are required to take a mandatory assessment of math and English language skills prior to admission in the Accelerated LNA Training Program. Only applicants who score at 11th or 12th grade levels will be accepted into the Accelerated LNA Program. (Applicants who score below 11th or 12th grade levels on the assessment are welcome to enroll in our Extended LNA Training Program on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.) Payment in full is expected prior to the first class.
Call 802-879-5559 if you have questions or to request an application, or.  Please note that submitting an application does not mean that you have been accepted into the class. Students who meet all the prerequisites listed above are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

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       LNA Accelerated Training Program (Saturdays)