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Westford School Main Phone Numbers
 Westford Elementary 802 878-5932  
 Attendance Number 802 857-7009  
 Maintenance Office 802 857-7023  
 Fax Number 802 879-0874  
 Health Office 802 857-7024  
 Principal 802 857-7812  
 Voice Mail Access 802 857-7000  

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Westford School Phone Listing
To call employee from outside of the district dial 802-857- and then the 4 digit extension listed next to their name.


Internal Ext#


 Back Office6521133Wall Telephone
 Barnier, Barbara7899152Special Educator
 Boiler Room7806120Wall Telephone
 Coaching Room6541175Grades K-4
 Coaching Room7795103Grades 5-8
 Common Area7827161
 Computer Lab7825156
 Conant, Sally7795103Special Educator/SLP
 Conference Room7811131
 Dibble, Kendra7829165Pre School Teacher
 Doner, Elise7829165Preschool Teacher & K Learning Specialist
 Ellis, Jennifer70221711/2 Classroom Teacher
 Feller, Amanda7802116Art Teacher
 Feller, Amanda7802116Art Teacher
 Front Office6523137First Telephone
 Front Office6524137Second Telephone
 Goss, Callie78191453/4 Classroom Teacher
 Goss, David77921027/8 Humanities
 Grant, Loretta77971065/6 Humanities
 Gym7805119Physical Education & Lunchroom
 Habedank, Vanessa7826159Social Support Coordinator
 Jensen, Louise6602152Para Professional
 Jones, Stephanie7799110School Guidance Counselor
 Kavanagh, Matthew7794102ALearning Specialist
 Kavanagh, Matthew7794102ASpecial Educator
 Keener, Sandy6538166Classroom Assistant
 Lewis, Marcie7812132Principal
 Library7803147Back Office
 Lichtenstein, Lee7791100A7/8 Math & Science
 Lumbra, Callie78191453/4 Grades
 Maintenance7023122Custodial Services
 Martin, Theresa7813Administrative Assistant
 McCuin, Kasey7824153Special Educator
 McLane, Mark7244A24School-Based Therapist
 McQuade, Seth7808123Physical Education Teacher
 Monette, Marissa6604146Social Worker
 Nowak, Becky7801114Music Teacher
 Nowak, Rebecca7801114Music Teacher
 Parrott, Jodi6605103Mainstream Teaching Asst
 Pigeon, Kristy6611103Mainstream Teaching Asst
 Posig, Maddy7793100French Teacher
 Richardson, Jaclyn78331761/2 Classroom Teacher
 Rochford, Jill78221493/4 Classroom Teacher
 Shea Cobb, Rosemary6603103Para Professional
 Shea-Cobb, Rosemary6603Mainstream Teaching Asst
 Shelley, Elizabeth7821148Library Media Specialist
 Shepard, Gerald6607122 WESMaintenance Director
 Sherman, Kurt77961055/6 Math & Science
 Shumway, Cassidy7830166Kindergarten
 Staab, Richard7816140Athletics Director
 Stage7804118Wall Telephone
 Teachers` Room7810128Wall Telephone
 Travis, Deborah7024136School Nurse