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Thomas Fleming School Main Phone Numbers
 Thomas Fleming School 802 878-1381  
 Attendance Number 802 857-7004  
 Fax Number 802 879-5598  
 Health Office 802 857-7672 7672 
 Principal 802 857-7706  
 Voice Mail Access 802 857-7000  
 Custodian Office 802 872-2203  

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Thomas Fleming School Phone Listing
To call employee from outside of the district dial 802-857- and then the 4 digit extension listed next to their name.


Internal Ext#


 Aldrich, Jillian7705109Administrative Assistant
 Ali, Asiat7087Music Teacher
 Allen, Betsy216570 EESDistrict Math Coach K-8
 Allen, Betsy216570 EESDistrict Math Coach K-8
 Allen, Betsy216570 EESDistrict Math Coach K-8
 Art Room7698B24Lisa Foley
 AV Room7709113
 Bigelow, Amy7701103School Guidance Counselor
 Cafeteria7696B13Mark Audette, Supervisor
 Coffrin, Emily7677B107Art Teacher
 Conference Room7712119
 Coviello, Melissa7699101Classroom Teacher
 Custodian7697B21Custodian Office
 Davidson, David7713FLM 116Technology Education Instructor
 Downing, Amy7725218Classroom Teacher
 Fay, Stephanie7625B19Social Support Coordinator
 Fitzpatrick, Suzanne7719208Speech Language Pathologist
 Guilmette, Jeff7726220Classroom Teacher
 Guntulis, Nichole7715201Classroom Teacher
 Gym7708112Kelly McClintock - PE Teacher
 Health Office7672107
 Hopper, Erin7702104Classroom Teacher
 Jones, Emily7721204Social Worker
 Kenny, Michael7722207Classroom Teacher
 Lamson, Pamela7711115Library Media Assistant
 Lee, Kate7716202Classroom Teacher
 Lemnah, Beth7723212Classroom Teacher
 Lord, Mary Lou7717203Mainstream Teaching Assistant
 Lucia, Magdalena7720206ELL Teacher
 Madeira, Sally7710117Library Media Specialist
 Maker Space7689B11
 Maxwell, Abigail7718210Title One Literacy/Math interventionist
 McCawley, Kate7941B20K-5 Literacy Coach
 McClintock, Kelly7714118Physical Education Teacher
 McHugh, Nate7695B15ALearning Specialist
 Mongeon, Cindy7672107 FLESchool Nurse
 Music Room7691B14
 Music Storage Room7692B16
 Oquendo, Michael7691B14Music Teacher
 Osborne, Carmel7724216Grade Four /FiveTeacher
 O`Connor, Sacha7767203Learning Specialist
 Perrier, Dawn7717203Mainstream Teaching Assistant
 Ready, Kathleen7672107 FLESchool Nurse Supervisor
 Ryan, Daniel7706111Principal
 Sawyer, Adam7855B14Music Teacher
 Server ClosetB9
 Siracusa, Elizabeth7724216Classroom Teacher
 Songer, Jennifer7703106Classroom Teacher
 Speranza, Carrie7710117Library Media Specialist
 Staff Room7688B2
 Turley, Benjamin7717203Learning Specialist
 Van Duyn, James7717203Learning Specialist/Special Educator
 Walter-Auch, Barbara7700102Classroom Teacher
 Willette, Glenn7718210Title One Math&Literacy Interventionist