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Center for Technology Essex Main Phone Numbers
 Voice Mail Access 802 857-7000  
 Center for Technology, Essex  802 879-5558  
 Fax - Main Office 802 879-5593  
 Attendance  802 879-5564  
 Nurse 802 857-7788  
 Library 802 857-7404 7404 
 Security 802 857-7500 7500 
 Field Trip Phone 802 363-7665  
 Field Trip Phone 802 343-8372  

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Center for Technology Essex Phone Listing
To call employee from outside of the district dial 802-857- and then the 4 digit extension listed next to their name.


Internal Ext#


 Ackley, Lindsay7031E110Student Support and Outreach Coordinator
 Barton, John1713D106Professional Foods
 Bisson, Tom7902M112English
 Bogner, Lissa7459C135Child Care/Human Services
 Bohmann, Will7262D101Technology Education Instructor
 Brady, Charles7531E101School Guidance Counselor
 Brody, Barbara7962M117Drivers Ed Teacher
 Brown, Tracey7222M126Design and Creative Media
 Bruley Papp, Cari7268E109Cooperative Career Education
 Bruneau, Matt7180G04Lab Supervisor : Building Residential
 Brzostoski, Marina7261D101ELL
 Cahill, Sandra7153R017Physical Education
 Carter, David7258E108Pre-Tech
 Charron, Emmy7249D101School Guidance Counselor
 Chase, Christine7542E103School Guidance Counselor
 Clark, Daniel7255E106Automotive Technology
 Cousino, Dave7181H02Instructional Aide: Natural Resources
 Cronin, Matt7457C132Computer Animation and Web Design
 Curtis, Debbie7966D101Administrative Assistant
 Dickinson, Carolyn7534E100AAssistant Director
 Dirmaier, Jim7537E105Engineering/Architectural Design
 Dowman, John5595 D106Professional Foods
 Dulleba, Linda7905M116Social Studies
 Esmay, Connie7459C135Child Care/Human Services
 Falby, Peter7233C122Pre-Tech
 Fax - Building TradesG8
 Fax - Main OfficeE100
 Fax - PrintingM127
 Fax - Skill TechE109
 Fax - Student ServicesD101
 Ginter, David7515D102Computer Systems Technology
 Habecker, Mary7272D103Cosmetology Teacher
 Hermansen, Joel7961E108/M118Math Integration Specialist
 Holmes, Kimberly7926R208Dental Assisting
 Irwin, Joan7250E100Registrar
 Irwin, Tony (Russell)7514D101Instructional Aide: Student Services
 Japp, Brian7945H01Natural Resources: Forestry
 Jarvis, Erin7900 M109Health Informatics Systems
 Jutras, Pauline7530E100Administrative Assistant/Attendance
 Kirkpatrick, Elisabeth7234C122Pre-Tech Instructional Aide
 Knight, Sarah7269E109Cooperative Career Education
 Ladd, Beth7926R208Dental Assisting
 Lance, William7247D101Special Educator
 Larrabee, Ernie7944H01TA - Natural Resources Forestry
 Liguori, Jennifer7926R217BScience
 Mackenzie, Todd7903M113Math
 McDonald, Kate7264D101Special Educator
 Miller, Lori7438C121Pre-Tech
 Moore, Lorand7456C131Computer Animation & Web Design (CAWD)
 Moyer, Shanna7091B102Physics Teacher
 Naylor, Kathleen7228C121Pre-Tech Instructional Aide
 O`Shaughnessy, Ann7196M117English
 Parks, Katherine7926R208Instructional Aide: Dental Assisting
 Paterson, James7914R215ACooperative Career Education
 Pearl, Joseph7943G05Building Systems Lab Supervisor
 Popple, Betty7272D103Cosmetology
 Poutre, Norm7266D101Special Educator
 Pratt, Susan7566D106Professional Foods
 Quinn, Emily7179M113English
 Robert, Donna7613E102Assistant Director/Adult Services
 Rouleau, Shawn7611G05Building: Systems
 Sanchez, Oscar7229Mainstream Teaching Assistant
 Seman, Laura7541E109Accounting Specialist
 Shatzer, Andrew7240H01Natural Resources - Instructional Aide
 Siddens, Robert7608H02Natural Resources: Mechanical
 Sinopoli, Eileen7222M126Design and Creative Media
 Smith, Christina7174M118English
 Sorrell, Teresa7259E108Instructional Aide: Pre-Tech
 Swan, Gary7256E106Automotive Technology
 Teegarden, Joseph7251E109SkillTech Director
 Travers, Robert7532E100BPrincipal/Director
 Vaida, Deanna7222M126Design and Creative Media Instructional Assistant
 Welch, Chris7610G13/G14Building Trades - Residential
 Whitaker, Linda7942E109Administrative Assistant-Coop/Adult Education
 Whitehouse, Joni7454 R123Lab Supervisor: Cosmetology
 Wilson, Sara7257D105ASocial Studies Teacher
 Wolfe, Caty7230C129Pre-Tech
 Wolfer, Yvonne7454 R123Cosmetology
 Zimmerman, Matthew5595 D106Professional Foods