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Thomas Fleming School Main Phone Numbers
 Thomas Fleming School 802 878-1381  
 Attendance Number 802 857-7004 7004 
 Fax Number 802 879-5598  
 Principal 802 857-7706 7706 
 Health Office 802 857-7672 7672 
 Custodian Office 802 857-7697 7697 
 Voice Mail Access 802 857-7000  

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Thomas Fleming School Phone Listing
To call employee from outside of the district dial 802-857- and then the 4 digit extension listed next to their name.


Internal Ext#


 Aldrich, Jillian7705FLE-109Administrative Assistant
 Ali, Asiat7087FLE-B14Music Teacher
 Art Room7698FLE-B24Lisa Foley
 AV Room7709FLE-113
 Bigelow, Amy7701FLE-103School Guidance Counselor
 Cafeteria7696FLE-B13Mark Audette, Supervisor
 Coffrin, Emily7677FLE-B24Art Teacher
 Conference Room7712FLE-119
 Coviello, Melissa7699FLE-101Classroom Teacher
 Custodian7697FLE-B21Custodian Office
 Davidson, David7713FLE-116Technology Education Instructor
 Downing, Amy7725FLE-218Classroom Teacher
 Exercise Room7694FLE-B19A
 Fay, Stephanie7625FLE-B19Social Support Coordinator
 Fitzpatrick, Suzanne7719FLE-208Speech Language Pathologist
 Guilmette, Jeff7726FLE-220Classroom Teacher
 Guntulis, Nichole7715FLE-201Classroom Teacher
 Gym7708FLE-112Kelly McClintock - PE Teacher
 Health Office7672FLE-107
 Hopper, Erin7702FLE-104Classroom Teacher
 IT Closet7690FLE-B09
 Jones, Emily7721FLE-204Social Worker
 Kenny, Michael7722FLE-207Classroom Teacher
 Learning Support Center7704FLE-B01
 Lee, Kate7716FLE-202Classroom Teacher
 Lemnah, Beth7723FLE-212Classroom Teacher
 Library Office7711FLE-117
 Lord, Mary Lou7717FLE-203Mainstream Teaching Assistant
 Lucia, Magdalena7720FLE-206ELL Teacher
 Maker Space7689FLE-B11
 McClintock, Kelly7714FLE-118Physical Education Teacher
 McHugh, Nate7695FLE-B15ALearning Specialist
 Mongeon, Cindy7672FLE-107School Nurse
 Music Room7691FLE-B14
 Music Storage Room7692FLE-B16
 Oquendo, Michael7691FLE-B14Music Teacher
 Osborne, Carmel7724FLE-216Grade Four /FiveTeacher
 O`Connor, Sacha7767FLE-203Learning Specialist
 Ready, Kathleen7672FLE-107School Nurse Supervisor
 Ryan, Daniel7706FLE-111Principal
 Sawyer, Adam7855FLE-B14Music Teacher
 Songer, Jennifer7703FLE-106Classroom Teacher
 Speranza, Carrie7710FLE-117Library Media Specialist
 Staff Room7688FLE-B02
 Support Services7755FLE-203
 Van Duyn, James7717FLE-203Learning Specialist/Special Educator
 Walter-Auch, Barbara7700FLE-102Classroom Teacher
 Willette, Glenn7718FLE-210Title One Math&Literacy Interventionist