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Phone Directory

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 General Dialing Instructions
    ACE 1392
    Albert D. Lawton 1388
    Center for Technology 5558
    Central Office 5579
    Essex High School 7121
    Hiawatha School 1384
    Summit Street School 1377
    Thomas Fleming School 1381
    Westford Elementary 5932
    All Other Outside Calls Dial "9" plus the Telephone Number

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Albert D. Lawton School Telephone Numbers
 Dialing from Outside CCSU District
 Albert D. Lawton Intermediate School 878-1388  
 Attendance Number 857-7005  
 Connecting All Departments 857-7000 Dial Ext# 
 Assistant Principal 857-7025  
 Custodian Office 857-7026  
 Fax Number 879-8175  
 Health Office 857-7027  
 Principal 857-7028  
 Voice Mail Access 857-7000  

Albert D. Lawton School Phone Numbers
 Internal Dialing within CCSU District


Outside Line#

Internal Ext#


 Abbott, Amanda  1388   Mainstream Teaching Assistant
 Adminstrative Reception  6304  A2 Backup
 Alden, Deborah  6365  C26 Foreign Language Teacher
 Ali, Asiat  1611  A60 Music Teacher
 Band Room  6322  A60 Band and Orchestra
 Barber, Kevin  6329  A36A Athletics Director
 Bilodeau-Meek, Melanie  6331  B20 Social Studies Teacher
 Burrell, William  6350  B5 Mathematics/Science Teacher
 Cafeteria  6316  A37 
 Caron, Jamie  6352  C8 Math Teacher
 Chorus Room  6317  A43 Music Department
 Citorik, Lindsay  6359  C21 Math and Science Teacher
 Classen, Caitlin  6326  B02 Library Media Specialist
 Conference Room  6308  A12 Administration
 Conger, Amie  7025  A8 Assistant Principal
 Cooper, Victoria  6310  A22 Registrar
 Copy Room  6305  A4 Wall Set
 Custodian Office  7026  A46 
 Dalla Mura, Jenna  7027  A16 School Nurse
 Dudley, Ryan  6354  C2 Math and Science Teacher
 Edwards, Barb  6303  A2 Staff Assistant
 Gendron, Jody  6325  C18 English and Language Arts Teacher
 Gustafson, Peter  6348  C6 Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher
 Gym  6313  A34 Classroom - Gym
 Haggarty, Lisa  1388   Mainstream Teaching Assistant
 Hanson, Steven  6344  B22 English and Language Arts Teacher
 Heath, Donna  6337  B3 Special Educator
 Innovations Classroom  6328  B6 
 Kinney, Beth  6349  C4 Language Arts Teacher
 Kruse, Christian  1388   Individual Assistant
 Lamson, Tori  1388   Mainstream Teaching Assistant
 Lapierre, Bonnie  6366  A41A Cafeteria Coordinator
 Laverty, Kathleen  1388   Mainstream Teaching Assistant
 Legg, Kathleen  6356  C7 Science Teacher
 Library  6324  B2 
 Library Office  6326  B4 Periodicals
 Librizzi, Jessica  6417  A14 School Guidance Counselor
 Logan, Tina  6357  C16 Visual Arts Teacher
 McLane, Mark  6311  A24 Social Worker
 Mitchell, David  7026  A46 Custodian
 Music Classroom  6321  A52 Music
 Neufeld, Brian  6327  C10 Science Teacher
 Parlante, Catherine  6367   Special Educator
 Peckham, Tyler  6402  A36A Physical Education
 Pontius, John  6362  C23 English and Language Arts Teacher
 Sauer-Norcross, Alda  6341  B18 Special Educator
 Sawyer, Adam  6323  A60 Music Teacher
 Science Office  6353  C9 
 Shop  6318  A45 Old Shop Office
 Shop-Chorus Room  6317  A43 Old Shop
 Snow, Molly  6364  B25 Math Specialist
 Special Ed Room  6333  B12 
 STEAM  6335  B16 Wall Set
 Stebbins, Ashley  6306  A32 Physical Education Teacher
 Storage  6319  A47 Storage - Old Shop
 Storage  6355  C12 Storage - Science
 Student Telephone  6301  A1 Main Office
 Student Telephone  6302  A01 Gym Hallway
 Watts, Janet  6360  C22 Math Teacher
 Weed, Carol  1388   Mainstream Teaching Assistant
 Williams, Nicole  6307  A10 School Guidance Counselor
 Wilson, Janet  6324  B2 Library/Media Assistant
 Wimette, Sharon  1388   Mainstream Teaching Assistant
 Wood, Jennifer  7028  A6 Principal
 Zimmerman, Toni  6358  B23 Math Teacher