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Founders Memorial School Main Phone Numbers
 Main Number 802-879-6326  
 Fax Number 802-879-6139  

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Founders Memorial School Phone Listing
To call employee from outside of the district dial 802-857- and then the 4 digit extension listed next to their name.


Internal Ext#


 Acanfora, Erik6342FMS-C204Grade 5 Teacher
 Arigo, Joseph6311FMS-O121Student Management Specialist
 Bacon, Emily6331FMS-C219Grade 3 Teacher
 Beaucage, Megan6326FMS-C128Music Teacher
 Bowker, Eric6323FMS-O146PE Teacher
 Button, Jennifer6329FMS-C221Grade 3 Teacher
 Cobb, Wendy6303FMS-O124School Principal
 Cole, Karen6335FMS-C211 Literacy Interventionist
 Conference Room6302FMS-O123
 Copy Room - Office6310FMS-O123
 Dehond, Andrew6320FMS-C105Student Services
 DiVece, Erica6347FMS-C231Teacher - Grade 5
 FMS Kitchen6307FMS-139Dale Trombley
 FMS Learning Lab6319FMS-C107Tanya Carpenter & Dianne Arthur
 FMS Math & Literacy Lab6335FMS-C211Cole, Karen & Hugulet, Tami
 FMS Nurse6322FMS-O103B
 FMS Teachers Room6351FMS-C226
 Ford, Darlene6352FMS-C225Grade 3 Teacher
 Francalangia, Andrea6309FMS-C106Student Services
 Gitlin, Kerin6334FMS-C212Art Teacher
 Goyette, Kristi6366FMS-C230 Special Educator
 Gray, Kathryn6336FMS-C2105th Grade Teacher
 Hall, Courtney6323FMS-O146PE Teacher
 Henderson, Chelsea6313FMS-C1174th grade classroom teacher
 Hoppe, David6305FMS-C104BGuidance Counselor
 Hugulet, Tami6335FMS-C211Math Intervention Specialist
 Hyjek, Sera6337FMS-C209Grade 5 Teacher
 Jablonski, Sara6306FMS-C118Library Media Specialist
 Jeffrey, Karen6339FMS-C207Grade 4-5 Teacher
 Johnson, Kayla6341FMS-C230ELL Teacher
 Kedzierski, Kim6301FMS-O125Registrar
 Kitchen, Sarah6332FMS-C218Grade 3 Teacher
 Koller, Kate6353FMS-C224Grade 3 Teacher
 Lambert, April6344FMS-O201Student Services
 Lanza, Courtney6309FMS-C106Student Services
 Laplant, Jennie6363FMS-O121ASchool Social Worker
 Learning Center Circulation Desk6328FMS-C118
 Learning Center Office6360FMS-118C
 Learning Lab (Upper)6354FMS-C230
 Mack, Angela6349FMS-C2235th Grade Teacher
 Martin, Claudine6319FMS-C107Instructional Assistant / Adaptive PE
 Mayer, Katherine6321FMS-C104ASchool Counselor
 Mead, Kelsey6346FMS-C232Grade 4-5 multiage teacher
 Mead, Stacey6338FMS-C208Multiage 4-5 Teacher
 Monty, Cristy6328FMS-C118Learning Center (Library) Assistant
 Murakami, Gina6333FMS-O214Speech and Language Pathologist
 Neverett, Pamela6333FMS-O214Student Services SLP
 Olesen, Jane6300FMS-O125Administrative Assistant
 Palermo, Paula6316FMS-C114Grade 4 Teacher
 PE Office6323FMS-O146Eric Bowker/Courtney Hall
 Pelletier, Fay6308FMS-M134Head Custodian
 Powell, David6318FMS-C112Grade 4 Teacher
 Rosenblum, Rachel6314FMS-O116Student Services ELL
 Ryan, Kristen6362FMS-O119B Student Services
 Savio, Melanie6315FMS-C1154th grade classroom teacher
 Smith, Diana6304FMS-O103Nurse
 Smith, Shelley6345FMS-O201Student Services
 STEM Lab6359FMS-C120
 Stone, Kristy6330FMS-C220Grade 3 Teacher
 Student Services 6320FMS-C105Andrew Dehond, Kristy Goyette
 Therapy/Testing Room6355FMS-O222
 Trombley, Dale6324FMS-139Head Cook
 Valyou, Tyson6327FMS-C127Music Teacher
 Walsh, Nicole6343FMS-C203Grade 5 Teacher
 White, Joseph6317FMS-C113Grade 4 Teacher
 Williams, Colleen6359FMS-C120Integration Specialist