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Phone Directory

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 General Dialing Instructions
    ACE 1392
    Albert D. Lawton 1388
    Center for Technology 5558
    Central Office 5579
    Essex High School 7121
    Hiawatha School 1384
    Summit Street School 1377
    Thomas Fleming School 1381
    Westford Elementary 5932
    All Other Outside Calls Dial "9" plus the Telephone Number

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Center for Technology Essex Telephone Numbers
 Dialing from Outside CCSU District
 Center for Technology, Essex  879-5558  
 Library 879-5530  
 Security 879-5551  
 Nurse 879-5517  
 Field Trip Phone 363-7665  
 Field Trip Phone 343-8372  
 Discipline Pager 741-1264  
 Fax - Main Office 879-5593  
 Attendance  879-5564  
 Voice Mail Access 857-7000  

Center for Technology Essex Phone Numbers
 Internal Dialing within CCSU District


Outside Line#

Internal Ext#


 Barton, John  5595 VM 1713  D106 Professional Foods
 Bisson, Tom  1231  M112 English
 Bogner, Lissa 879-8150 8150 VM 1726  C135 Child Care/Human Services
 Brady, Charles 879-5560 5560  E100A School Guidance Counselor
 Brody Barbara  1366 VM 1393  M117 Drivers Ed Teacher
 Brown, Tracey 879-5594 5594  M126 Design and Creative Media
 Bruneau Matthew  1311 VM 1749  G04 Lab Supervisor : Building Residential
 Brzostoski, Marina  1708  D101 ELL
 Cahill, Sandra  1626  R017 Physical Education
 Carter Crystal 343-5160    Bus Driver
 Carter, David  1729  E108 Pre-Tech
 Charron, Emmy 879-8152 8152  D101 School Guidance Counselor
 Chase, Christine  1258  E110 School Guidance Counselor
 Clark, Dan  1349 VM 1701  E106 Automotive Technology
 Cousino, Dave  1315  H02 Instructional Aide: Natural Resources
 Cronin, Matt  1264  C132 Computer Animation and Web Design
 Curtis, Debbie  1329  D101 Administrative Assistant
 Dickinson, Carolyn 879-5562 5562  E103 Assistant Director
 Dirmaier, Jim  1348  E105 Engineering/Architectural Design
 Dowman, John 879-5595 5595 VM 1711  D106 Professional Foods
 Dulleba, Linda  1228  M116 Social Studies
 Esmay, Connie 879-8150 8150 VM 1722  C135 Child Care/Human Services
 Falby, Peter  1043 VM1730  C122 Pre-Tech
 Fax - Building Trades 872-1155   G8 
 Fax - Main Office 879-5593   E100 
 Fax - Printing 872-1811   M127 
 Fax - Skill Tech 879-5565   E109 
 Fax - Student Services 872-5855   D101 
 Ginter, David  1330  D102 Computer Systems Technology
 Habecker, Mary  1331  D103 Cosmetology
 Hermansen, Joel    E108/M118 Math Integration Specialist
 Holmes, Kimberly 879-8153 VM1717  R208 Dental Assisting
 Irwin, Joan 872-3771 3771  E100 Registrar
 Irwin, Tony  1745  D101 Instructional Aide: Student Services
 Japp, Brian  1313 VM1748  H01 Natural Resources: Forestry
 Jarvis, Erin  1301  M109 Health Informatics Systems
 Jutras, Pauline  1318  E100 Administrative Assistant/Attendance
 Kirby Donald 343-9485    Bus Driver
 Kirkpatrick, Elisabeth  1043  C122 Pre-Tech Instructional Aide
 Knight, Sarah  1385  E109 Cooperative Career Education
 Ladd, Beth 879-8153 VM1716  R208 Dental Assisting
 Lance, William  1230  D101 Special Educator
 Larrabee, Ernie  1313 VM 1704  H01 TA - Natural Resources Forestry
 Lawrence, Susan 373-1402    Bus Driver
 Liguori, Jennifer 879-8153 VM1734  R217B Science
 MacKenzie, Todd  1723  M113 Math
 McDonald, Kate  1387  D101 Special Educator
 Miller, Lori  1365  C121 Pre-Tech
 Moore, Lorand  1321  C131 Computer Animation and Web Design 2
 Morse, Rebecca  1310  M119 Home/School Coordinator
 Naylor, Kathleen  1365  C121 Pre-Tech Instructional Aide
 O'Shaughnessy, Annie  1720  M117 English
 Papp, Cari  1374  E109 Cooperative Career Education
 Parks, Katherine 879-8153 VM1715  R208 Instructional Aide: Dental Assisting
 Paterson, James 872-5755 5755  R215A Cooperative Career Education
 Pearl, Joseph  1305  G05 Building Lab Supervisor
 Perlah, Robin 879-5594 5594  M126 Design and Creative Media
 Popple, Betty  1331   D103 Cosmetology
 Poutre, Norm  1328  D101 Special Educator
 Pratt, Susan 879-5595 VM1714  D106 Professional Foods
 Quinn, Emily  VM1719  M113 English
 Robert, Donna 879-4832 4832  E102 Assistant Director/Adult Services
 Rouleau, Shawn  1305  G05 Building: Systems
 Sanchez, Oscar  1335 VM1703  C129 Instructional Aide: Pre-Tech
 Seman, Laura  1359  E109 Accounting Specialist
 Shatzer, Andrew  1313  H01 Natural Resources - Instructional Aide
 Siddens, Robert  1312  H02 Natural Resources: Mechanical
 Sinopoli, Eileen  5594  M126 Design and Creative Media
 Smith, Christina  1229 VM1507  M118 English
 Sorrell, Teresa  1729 VM1732  E108 Instructional Aide: Pre-Tech
 Swan, Gary  1349 VM1702  E106 Automotive Technology
 Teegarden, Joe  1707  E109 SkillTech Director
 Travers, Robert 879-5561 5561  E100B Principal/Director
 Vaida, Deanna 879-5594 5594  M126 Design and Creative Media Instructional Assistant
 Welch, Christopher  1311  G04 Building Trades - Residential
 Whitaker, Linda 879-5559 5559  E109 Administrative Assistant-Coop/Adult Education
 Whitehouse, Joni 879-7454 7454 VM1709  R123 Lab Supervisor: Cosmetology
 Wilson, Sara  1727  D105A Social Studies
 Wolfe, Caty  1335 VM1724  C129 Pre-Tech
 Wolfer, Yvonne 879-7454 7454 VM1710  R123 Cosmetology
 Zimmerman, Matthew 879-5595 5595 VM1712  D106 Professional Foods