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Food Service Main Phone Numbers
 Food Service Main Number 802 857-7333 7333 
 Fax - EHS Main Office 802 879-5503  

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Food Service Phone Listing
To call employee from outside of the district dial 802-857- and then the 4 digit extension listed next to their name.


Internal Ext#


 Audette, Mark7696FLE-B13Cafeteria Coordinator, Fleming
 Beland, Diane7333EHS-D111EHS School Cafeteria Worker
 Boisvert, Christina2107EES-51Cafeteria Worker
 Bombard, Mark7333EHS-D111Cafeteria Worker ED CTR
 Chamberlain, Jean7696FLE-B13Cafeteria Worker
 Charbonneau, Gloria7662SUM-09Food Service
 Clifford, Carrie2107EES-51Child Nutrition Head Cook
 Fay, Scott7263EHS-D113Supervisor
 Germain, Nancy2107EES-51Child Nutrition Assistant
 Gilmond, Barb7809WES-126Cafeteria Coordinator, Westford
 Hoff, Jacqueline1181EHS-D111CChild Nutrition Head Cook
 Labrecque, France1516EMS-181CChild Nutrition Assistant
 Lapierre, Bonnie7893ADL-A41ACafeteria Coordinator, ADL
 LaPierre, Mary7893ADL-A41AFood service
 LaPointe, Carol7729HIA-02Cafeteria Worker
 Martin (Seifert), Meghan7116EHS-D113Administrative Assistant
 McKivergan, Helene6307FMS-139Child Nutrition Assistant
 Moore, Susan1516EMS-181 Nutritional Services Assistant
 Peet, Andrew7648EHS-D113CNP Site Manager
 Perri, Tammy2107EES-51Child Nutrition Assistant
 Prior, Laura7763FLE-B13Cafeteria Worker
 Smith, Stacey7729HIA-02Cashier-Food Services
 Suchsland, Kim1507EMS-181CCafeteria Coordinator Essex Middle School
 Taylor, Jody6307FMS-139 FMS Child Nutrition Assistant
 Trombley, Dale6324FMS-139FMS Head Cook
 Walp, Stephanie7662SUM-09Cafeteria Coordinator, Summit
 Zeno, Kathleen7809WES-126Food Service