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Food Service Main Phone Numbers
 Food Service Main Number 802 879-5544 5544 
 Fax - EHS Food Service 802 857-7614  

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Food Service Phone Listing
To call employee from outside of the district dial 802-857- and then the 4 digit extension listed next to their name.


Internal Ext#


 Audette, Mark7696Cafeteria Coordinator, Fleming
 Bariyajaan, Fatima7729Cafeteria Worker HIA
 Boisvert, Christina2107Cafeteria Worker EES
 Bombard, Mark5544D110Cafeteria Worker ED CTR
 Bushey, Jane5544D110Cafeteria Worker ED CTR
 Chamberlain, Jean7696Cafeteria Worker FLM
 Chamberlain, Pete5597Food Service Employee
 Charbonneau, Gloria7662Cafeteria Worker SUM
 Clifford, Carrie2107Child Nutrition Head Cook
 Clifford, Robert5544D113EWSD CNP Director
 Collette, Helen5544D110Cafeteria Worker ED CTR
 Desranleau, Patty7662Cafeteria Worker SUM
 Fay, Scott7263D113Supervisor
 Germain, Nancy2107Cafeteria Worker EES
 Gilmond, Barb7809126Cafeteria Coordinator, Westford
 Hamilton, Vanessa1198Food Service Employee
 Hathaway, Michele7893Cafeteria Worker ADL
 Hoff, Jacqueline1572D111CChild Nutrition Head Cook
 James, Laura5544D110Cafeteria Worker ED CTR
 Jones, Miranda5544D110Cafeteria Worker ED CTR
 Lapierre, Bonnie7893A41ACafeteria Coordinator, ADL
 Lapierre, Mary7893Cafeteria Worker ADL
 LaPoint, Carol7729Cafeteria Worker HIA
 LeBleau, Rachel5544D110Cafeteria Worker ED CTR
 Lebrecque, France1507Cafeteria Worker EMS
 Mann, Jocelyn5544D110Cafeteria Worker ED CTR
 McKivergan, Helen6325Cafeteria Worker FMS
 Minor, Lisa6518126Hot Lunch Assistant
 Minor, Lisa5544D110Cafeteria Worker ED CTR
 Moore, Susan214664Nutritional Services Assistant
 Moore, Susan214664Nutritional Services Assistant
 Moore, Susan1507Cafeteria Worker EMS
 Myers, Bobbi-Jo4232Cafeteria Coordinator, Hiawatha
 Peet, Andrew7528D113CNP Site Manager
 Perri, Tammy2107Cafeteria Worker EES
 Prior, Laura7696Cafeteria Worker FLM
 Seifert, Megan7528D111CFarm to School Assistant
 Smith, Stacey7729Cashier-Food Services
 Suchsland, Kim1507Cafeteria Coordinator Essex Middle School
 Suchsland, Kim1507Cafeteria Coordinator Essex Middle School
 Szarkowski, Bonnie6324D111CChild Nutrition Program Coordinator
 Taylor, Jody6325Cafeteria Worker FMS
 Trombley, Dale6307KitchenFMS Head Cook
 Walp, Stephanie7662Cafeteria Coordinator, Summit
 Weremeichik, Wihelmina5544D110Cafeteria Worker ED CTR
 Williams, Jen6325Cafeteria Worker FMS
 Zeno, Kathleen7809126Food Service
 Zeno, Kathy7809Cafeteria Worker WES