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Phone Directory

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 General Dialing Instructions
    ACE 1392
    Albert D. Lawton 1388
    Center for Technology 5558
    Central Office 5579
    Essex High School 7121
    Hiawatha School 1384
    Summit Street School 1377
    Thomas Fleming School 1381
    Westford Elementary 5932
    All Other Outside Calls Dial "9" plus the Telephone Number

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Food Service Telephone Numbers
 Dialing from Outside CCSU District
 Food Service 879-5597 5597 
 Fax - EHS Food Service 857-7614  

Food Service Phone Numbers
 Internal Dialing within CCSU District


Outside Line#

Internal Ext#


 Audette, Mark  2201   Cafeteria Coordinator, Fleming
 Bombard, Mark  5597   
 Chamberlain, Pete  5597   
 Clifford, Bob 879-5544 5544  D113 Director
 Collette, Helen  5597   
 Fay, Scott  1180  D11C Kitchen Manager
 Gilmond, Barb  6518   Cafeteria Coordinator, Westford
 Hamilton, Vanessa  1198   
 LaBrusciano, Paul  5597   Kitchen Supervisor, EHS-CTE
 Lapierre, Bonnie  6366   Cafeteria Coordinator, ADL
 Myers, Bobbi-Jo  4232   Cafeteria Coordinator, Hiawatha
 Ollive, Cherry  5597   
 Peet, Andrew  1198  R113 Rink Cafe Manager
 Perrotte, Erin  5597   
 Rink Cafe Office  1198  R113 
 Smailhodzic, Remzo  5597   
 Suchsland, Kim  5597   
 Walp, Stephanie  2512   Cafeteria Coordinator, Summit
 Waters, Charlene  5597   
 Weremeichik, Wilhelmina  5597