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Technology Department Main Phone Numbers
 Fax @ ADL IT Office 802 879-8197  
 Fax @ EHS (use Main Office fax)  802 879-5503  
 Helpdesk 802-857-7777 7777 

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Technology Department Phone Listing
To call employee from outside of the district dial 802-857- and then the 4 digit extension listed next to their name.


Internal Ext#


 Allen, Merrill7510B116 EHSComputer Technician
 Barr, David7132B116 EHSLead Technician
 Cioffi, Glenn7141A49 ADLComputer Technician
 Cormier, Carmen7140B120 EHSVOiP Network Manager & 911 Coordinator
 Cross, Heather7862A59 ADLBookkeeper
 Donnan, Craig7130B116 EHSNetwork Administrator
 Finn, Michael15742MF EMSNetwork Administrator
 Gonillo, Vince7896A55 ADLDirector of Technology
 Haselton, Thomas7131B116 EHSComputer Technician
 Haupt, Eileen7777B116 EHSHelpdesk
 Haupt, Eileen7777B116 EHSHelpdesk
 HelpDesk1234B116 EHS
 Jarvis, Stephen7940A49 ADLComputer Technician
 Lawrence, Ben7169L108 EHSTech Dept - Media Services
 Machat, Eric7777B116 EHSHelpdesk
 Madsen, Kenny7135B120 EHSLead Technician
 Maitner, Mark2159266 EMSNetwork Specialist
 Malinowski, Devin1575256 EMSComputer Technician
 McClellan, Lisa7897A49 ADLTechnology Director Assistant
 Moore, Seth7133B116 EHSNetwork Administrator
 Scharf, Paul7136B120 EHSComputer Technician
 Scribner, Timothy7861A49 ADLComputer Technician
 WSD Tech-M. Allen6546156 WESComputer Technician