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Technology Department Main Phone Numbers
 Fax @ ADL IT Office 802 879-8197  
 Fax @ EHS (use Main Office fax)  802 879-5503  
 Helpdesk 802-857-7777 7777 

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Technology Department Phone Listing
To call employee from outside of the district dial 802-857- and then the 4 digit extension listed next to their name.


Internal Ext#


 Barr, David7132EHS-B116Lead Technician
 Bulluck, Austin7510EHS-B116Computer Technician
 Cioffi, Glenn7141ADL-A49Computer Technician
 Cormier, Carmen7140EHS-B120VOiP Network Manager
 Cross, Heather7862ADL-A59Bookkeeper
 Donnan, Craig7130EHS-B116Network Administrator
 Finn, Michael1574EMS-266Network Administrator
 Gonillo, Vince7896ADL-A55Director of Technology
 Haselton, Thomas7131EHS-B116Computer Technician
 Haupt, Eileen7777EHS-B116Helpdesk
 Jarvis, Stephen7940ADL-A49Computer Technician
 Kurdyukova, Helen7137EHS-B120Programmer/Analyst
 Ladue, Olivia7116EHS-B120Computer Technician
 Lawrence, Ben7169EHS-L108Tech Dept - Media Services
 Machat, Eric7777EHS-B116Helpdesk
 Madsen, Kenny7135EHS-B120Lead Technician
 Maitner, Mark1575EMS-266Network Specialist
 McClellan, Lisa7897ADL-A49Technology Director Assistant
 Meier, Mike7138EHS-B120Programmer/Analyst
 Moore, Seth7133EHS-B116Network Administrator
 Scharf, Paul7136EHS-B120Computer Technician
 Scribner, Timothy1576EMS-266Computer Technician
 WSD Tech6546156 WESComputer Technician