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 General Dialing Instructions
    ACE 1392
    Albert D. Lawton 1388
    Center for Technology 5558
    Central Office 5579
    Essex High School 7121
    Hiawatha School 1384
    Summit Street School 1377
    Thomas Fleming School 1381
    Westford Elementary 5932
    All Other Outside Calls Dial "9" plus the Telephone Number

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Technology Department Telephone Numbers
 Dialing from Outside CCSU District
 Fax @ ADL IT Office 879-8197  
 Fax @ EHS (use Main Office fax)  879-5503  

Technology Department Phone Numbers
 Internal Dialing within CCSU District


Outside Line#

Internal Ext#


 Allen, Merrill  1028  B116 EHS Computer Technician
 Cioffi, Glenn   1268  A49 ADL Computer Technician
 Cormier, Carmen  1027  A49 ADL VOiP Network Manager
 Cross, Heather  1039  A59 ADL Bookkeeper
 Donnan, Craig  1030  B116 EHS Network Administrator
 Gonillo, Vince  1040  A55 ADL Executive Director of Technology
 Haselton, Tom  1033  B116 EHS Computer Technician
 Haupt, Eileen  1029  B120 EHS LTS Computer Technician
 HelpDesk  1234  B116 EHS 
 Jarvis, Stephen  1273  A49 ADL Computer Technician
 Lawrence, Ben  1214   L108 EHS Education Technology Technician
 Machat, Eric  1234  B116 EHS Helpdesk
 Madsen, Kenny  1031  B120 EHS Lead Technician
 McClellan, Lisa  1085  A49 ADL TD Administrator
 Moore, Seth  1042  B116 EHS Lead Network Administrator
 Scharf, Paul  1246  B120 EHS Computer Technician
 Scribner, Tim  1034  A49 ADL Computer Technician
 TBD  1181  B116 EHS Lead Technician
 WSD Tech-M. Allen  6546  156 WES Computer Technician