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EWSD Central Office Main Phone Numbers
 Connecting All Departments 802 857-7000 Dial Ext# 
 Voice Mail Access 802 857-7000  
 Main Number - Central Office 802-878-8168  
 Fax - West Office 802 878-1370  
 Fax/Postage - East Office 802-878-5009  
 Copier - East Office 802-857-2009 2009 
 Human Resources 802-857-7038  
 Student Support Services 802-857-2021  
 Treasurer 802-857-7036  

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EWSD Central Office Phone Listing
To call employee from outside of the district dial 802-857- and then the 4 digit extension listed next to their name.


Internal Ext#


 Allen, Betsy2165EES-70District Math Coach K-8
 Barrett, Eliane2014East CO-13Assistant to the Director of Curriculum,Instruction
 Barron, Kathleen7043West CO-214Finance and Accounting Director
 Breuer, Maxine7038West CO-107Human Resources Assistant
 Cobb, Beth2002East CO-7Superintendent
 Cole, Amy2019East CO-14Director of Curriculum
 Dickie, Ben2001East CO-11Communications Coordinator
 Donahue, Brian7040West CO-205COO
 Emery, Sandy7048West CO-102Benefits Administrator
 Garwood, Ashley1580 Occupational Therapist
 Gawor, Kim2020East CO-15Educational Assessment Manager
 Goddette, Nancy1532 Math Coach
 Gonillo, Vince7896ADL-A55Director of Technology
 Hall, Anita7045West CO-120Payroll/Accounting Specialist
 Hayes-Martelle, Holly7044West CO-112Payroll/HR Assistant
 Kissel, Hilary6361 Literacy Coach
 Lawrance, Jean7034West CO-112Finance Assistant
 Longway, Margo7047West CO-211Medicaid Clerk
 Maguire, Erin2018East CO-5Co-Director of Student Support Services
 Maheux, Carole7036West CO-112Fiscal Admin Assistant
 McCawley, Kate1527 K-5 Literacy Coach
 McKelvey, Catherine7856 School Psychologist
 McNamara, Dylan2004East CO-1Co-Director of Student Support Services
 Michaud, Lorna2000 Executive Assistant
 Moore (Austin), Martha7041West CO-210Systems Analyst
 Moreno, Clara2013 Administrative Assistant
 Mortenson, Arik2012East CO-10Learning Systems Manager
 Murdough, Bruce7630 Maintenance Director
 Reardon, Mary7033West CO-101HR Specialist
 Robbins-Anderson, Deb7038West CO-201Director of Human Resources
 Sherman, Sandy7039West CO-115Payroll/Accounting Specialist
 Simmons, Johanna2005East CO-3Student Support Services Specialist
 Smith, James7037West CO-200ATransportation Manager
 Smith, Meghan7203 Physical Therapist
 Tessitore, Jayne7021West CO-107Medicaid Clerk
 Wisloski, Jessica2008East CO-12Web Management Specialist