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EWSD Central Office Main Phone Numbers
 Connecting All Departments 802 857-7000 Dial Ext# 
 Voice Mail Access 802 857-7000  
 Main Number - Central Office 802-878-8168  
 Fax - West Office 802 878-1370  
 Fax/Postage - East Office 802-878-5009  
 Copier - East Office 802-857-2009 2009 
 Human Resources 802-857-7038  
 Student Support Services 802-857-2021  
 Treasurer 802-857-7036  

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EWSD Central Office Phone Listing
To call employee from outside of the district dial 802-857- and then the 4 digit extension listed next to their name.


Internal Ext#


 Allen, Betsy216570 EESDistrict Math Coach K-8
 Barrett, Eliane201413 CO EastAssistant to the Director of Curriculum,Instruction
 Barron, Kathleen7043214 CO WestFinance and Accounting Director
 Breuer, Maxine7038107 CO WestHuman Resources Assistant
 Cobb, Beth200207 CO EASTSuperintendent
 Cole, Amy201914 CO EastDirector of Curriculum
 Dickie, Ben200111 CO EASTCommunications Coordinator
 Donahue, Brian7040205 CO WestCOO
 Emery, Sandy7048102 CO WestBenefits Administrator
 Garwood, Ashley1580Occupational Therapist
 Gawor, Kim202015 CO EastEducational Assessment Manager
 Goddette, Nancy1532Math Coach
 Gonillo, Vince7896A55 ADLDirector of Technology
 Hall, Anita7045120 CO WestPayroll/Accounting Specialist
 Hayes-Martelle, Holly7044112 CO WestPayroll/HR Assistant
 Kissel, Hilary6361O125ALiteracy Coach
 Lawrance, Jean7034112 CO WestFinance Assistant
 Longway, Margo7047211 CO WestMedicaid Clerk
 Maguire, Erin201805 CO EastCo-Director of Student Support Services
 Maheux, Carole7036112 CO WestFiscal Admin Assistant
 McCawley, Kate1527K-5 Literacy Coach
 McKelvey, Catherine7856B3BSchool Psychologist
 McNamara, Dylan200401 CO EastCo-Director of Student Support Services
 Michaud, Lorna2000CO EastExecutive Assistant
 Moore (Austin), Martha7041210 CO WestSystems Analyst
 Moreno, Clara2013CO EastAdministrative Assistant
 Mortenson, Arik201210 CO EastLearning Systems Manager
 Murdough, Bruce7630B11 EHSMaintenance Director
 Reardon, Mary7033101 CO WestHR Specialist
 Robbins-Anderson, Deb7038201 CO WestDirector of Human Resources
 Sherman, Sandy7039115 CO WestPayroll/Accounting Specialist
 Simmons, Johanna20053 CO EastStudent Support Services Specialist
 Smith, James7037200ATransportation Manager
 Smith, Meghan7203Physical Therapist
 Tessitore, Jayne7021107 CO WestMedicaid Clerk
 Wisloski, Jessica200812 CO EastWeb Management Specialist