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Essex High School - English

English teachers at Essex High School believe in the power of literacy; therefore, English courses focus on critical reading of literary and informational texts, effective writing and speaking skills, as well as vocabulary development. In selecting courses, students should consider their interests, abilities, and plans for the future.

It’s important to note that English courses at EHS are offered at multiple levels.
• 300 level (also referred to as AP, Honors, or Advanced) courses are for students who have demonstrated exceptional ability in and a love for the subject matter.
• 200 level courses are for students who have demonstrated a high performance record in the subject matter and who will benefit from courses that have a rigorous curriculum and challenging pace.
• 100 level courses are for students who may choose not to continue the study of the subject matter after having met their graduation requirements.
• Courses with no level assigned are open to students who have taken any indicated prerequisites.